Textbook – Throwin’ Heat With Margo

Throwin’ Heat With Margo

“I feel that everybody has their own opinion on how to surf. This is mine on how to do a power turn.”
¿Brendan Margieson

Step One:
It really helps to have a wave over two feet. Try to generate a lot of speed and look for a section down the line, preferably not alip¿just a nice steep section.

Step Two:
Come off the bottom, while maintaining the speed you’ve gained¿this is very important!

Step Three:
From this point onward, confidence and timing is everything. You’ll need confidence because you’re about to face the section with a super amount of speed. Confidence should make you attack the turn with power. Timing is ever so important because you need to know how to push through your turn without popping the fins out of the back of the wave.

Step Four:
From the start of the maneuver, hold your back-foot pressure throughout your turn, then transfer your weight a little more to the front foot toward the end of the turn. You may even feel your board want to slide. This usually means you’ve transferred too much front-foot pressure.

Step Five:
If you have been able to manage this gouging maneuver with the surfboard on the brink of sliding out, then it generally means you have pushed your board as hard as you can on rail.

Step Six:
I think the best way to throw heat is to ride a bigger board at first. This will teach you to push through your turns with a lot more effort than your shorter board. Once back on your shortboard, you should feel fast and loose¿ready to put more power into your turns.