Thank God It’s Friday At The Philips Fusion U.S. Open

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If you happened to watch today’s heats at the Philips Fusion U.S. Open, you would have seen some overhead, peaky, and just plain old fun waves breaking on the south side of the Huntington Beach Pier. You would have also seen superstars such as Luke Stedman, Chris Ward, Shane Beschen, and Troy Brooks absolutely rip their heats. Young upstarts making the grade included New Zealand’s Jay Quinn, Joel Centeio, and unknown ripper (and med student) Max Hoshino. Despite the cloudy, sometimes cold early morning weather, the waves stayed pretty damn good (for Huntington) for all sixteen of the men’s round of 96 heats. An exciting aspect to the competition this year is the two-wave minimum. Instead of the usual three-to-the-beach method where three scores of five or six were good enough to get through, competitors are putting it on the line to get a seven or higher-you have to in order to make it.
[IMAGE 1]Brooks, who beat out tour heavyweight Todd Prestage, was using the two-wave minimum to his advantage by busting (and sometimes not making) airs and combos all the way in. “It was fun, good little waves,” said Brooks. “I sort of took off on the smaller ones with better sections rather waiting for the bigger closeout. Now that it’s best two rides, you have more of a chance to throw out a bit better surfing and put it on the line more cause you only have to make it twice. Two waves sort of call for that sort of surfing and I was trying to give it.” Brooks is currently at the top of the WQS rankings and looks like a good bet to make the WCT next year.

As the day went on the weather cleared up, the crowds began showing up, and the ladies began showing off their assets. Besides the really fun surfing, it’s even more fun to watch crowds battle over all the free giveaways at the booths. After a brief announcement on a bullhorn, herds begin moving, screams fill the air, and mayhem breaks out. Tommorow should be extra crowded and extra fun. Look for the round of sixty-four and names like Kalani Robb, Sunny Garcia, Tom Curren, Taylor Knox, Rob Machado, Tim Curran, and Taj Burrow to surf. Burrow happened to be hanging out at the contest today and checking things out. Here’s a short interview:
[IMAGE 2] Are you enjoying your year so far?

Yeah, definitely. I got a couple results, a couple throw away’s. I’d like to at least win an event this year. I’m just looking forward to the European leg. I’m pretty stoked on my results so far.

What do you look forward to the most as a professional surfer?

I think the best part of it for me is surfing rippable waves with all my friends and all the best surfers in the world. It kind of psyches me up surfing with all these guys. When I’m at home, it’s kind of like the Paterson Brothers?there’s not that many people that are amazing to watch. So I just get really psyched when I come on tour and I surf with all these guys. I just froth big time, I love it.

Of all the tour stops, what’s your favorite?

I like it all. J-Bay’s probably up there. It was so much fun surfing there-we had an amazing place to stay. I’m gonna look forward to Europe as well?I’m pretty psyched on Europe. And Trestles, I can’t wait for Lower’s-it’s amazing. Everyone’s gonna have to get nine’s to even think about getting through. There’s gonna be so much good surfing going down.

What do you think about Huntington?

Yeah, I like to visit. I don’t think I can spend more than a week here, but it’s cool to visit. I always get pretty excited when I get here. Me and my friends stay together and we did a little trip to Vegas. We made the most of it?we had a ball.

How much did you lose?

I lost three grand-I had a shocker. I had so much fun though. It was sweet.

How the ladies treating you here?

I’ve seen plenty of talent, but I’m laying pretty low.

>For complete Heat Results click here:ASP World Tour