That’s Number 1: Volusia County Tallies First Shark Attack Of 2009

Let the tally begin. Volusia County (the shark bite capital of the world) has just encountered it’s first nibble of 2009. Coming off a year in which the county broke it’s own record for shark bites (24 attacks were recorded in 2008), Volusia houses the perfect storm of conditions for shark bites with Ponce Inlet’s murky, fish-rich waters, along with surfers from jetty to jetty. If you’ve ever lived in the area you know it’s just natural to see the sharks day in and day out, no big deal. You just hope you don’t feel that clamp down on your extremities. Thankfully, this first bite ‘was small enough to be treated with band-aids and not stitches.’ Hopefully if there’s more attacks this year (which odds say is a pretty good chance), they can all be treated with band-aids.

As reported by The Miami Herald.

Authorities say a 17-year-old girl was the first shark-bite victim for 2009 in Volusia County, where a record 24 attacks were reported last year.

Volusia County Beach Patrol reports that the Mims girl was surfing a popular spot just south of Ponce de Leon Inlet Wednesday evening when she got nipped. The would was small enough to be treated with Band-Aids rather than stitches.

The first 2008 shark bite was recorded Feb. 17, a month sooner than this year’s first reported attack.

Officials say large runs of bait fish, murky water and big waves next month will bring ideal conditions for shark bites.

For the full story head to The Miami Herald.