The 2002 NSSA Interscholastic State Championships


WAVE CONDITIONS: 1-3 foot west wind swell.

2002 NSSA INTERSCHOLASTIC STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS COMPETITION-8 colleges, 18 high schools and 11 middle schools competed for prestigious Interscholastic State titles. The top 12 colleges, top 11 high schools and top 8 middle schools will be invited to the 2002 NSSA National Interscholastic Championships at Salt Creek on June 22-23.

HIGH SCHOOL CHAMPIONSHIPS-The team from San Clemente took interscholastic surfing to another level. They smoked out closest rival San Dieguito by a score of 172-97. The 172 points was a record for team points at both the state and national level. In addition, San Clemente had plenty to cheer about when five of their six-man squad made the Mens final. San Clemente juniors Travis Mellem, Pat Gudauskas, Dane Gudauskas, Andrew Gahan and senior Mike Maurer advanced to the final along with lone Huntington Beach surfer Erik Trapschuh. Travis added another championship title to his growing list of competitive achievements taking the High School Mens crown on a unanimous first place decision. With San Clemente clearly dominating the contest early on and securing an insurmountable lead, the race for second was on between defending National Champs Carlsbad, No. 3 seed San Dieguito and No. 4 seed Huntington Beach. It was a rocky ride for Carlsbad who has won the State titles for the previous two years. They lost two team members in Round one, which put them behind the eight ball. Huntington Beach also suffered a major upset early on losing standout surfer Brett Simpson in Round two. Going into the finals Huntington Beach was ahead leading San Dieguito by three points and Carlsbad by six. Since the three schools placed no surfers in the Mens final (Trapschuh was on the B team for H.B.) it came down to the special teams (longboard, bodyboard and womens) results. San Dieguito longboarder Andrew Logreco delivered in the clutch taking the victory in the Longboard final and bodyboarder Jim Prola took 3rd. This gave San Dieguito enough points to sew up second place over Huntington Beach who ended up with a 95 total and Carlsbad with 94. Edison High School took the glory in the Womens final when Melissa Murphy took her first career NSSA championship title. San Clemente B teamer Josh Singh also claimed his first NSSA title taking the Bodyboard victory over teammate Kyle Loftus.

MIDDLE SCHOOL CHAMPIONSHIPS-After a two-year domination in the Middle School division, Shorecliffs finally met their match with the much-improved Dwyer squad. Shorecliffs and Dwyer were in a dead tie after Boys round one but Dwyer pulled ahead advancing four team members to the quarters versus two from Shorecliffs. Dwyer captured their first NSSA title since their victory at the 1999 National Championships with a 100-86 victory over Shorecliffs. Dwyer eighth grader Ian Ekberg captured the Boys state title. Dwyer longboarder Eric Ramsey took fourth in his final and team member Paul Terney came in third in the Bodyboard division. Shorecliffs surfers took two individual titles with Christian Wach winning Longboard and Oleema Miller clinching the Girls. Tim Schulz from Earl Warren claimed the Bodyboard crown.

COLLEGE CHAMPIONSHIPS-Saddleback College came fully loaded with a dream team filled with WQS surfers. The power packed squad consisting of three time National Champion Mike Losness, 2001 National Champion Greg Long, former NSSA Southwest Champion Dave Pinto and former NSSA standout Bron Huessenstam proved too tough for their opponents and Saddleback took their first state title over conference champs Mira Costa 163-142. Saddleback team members Losness, Long, Huessenstam and Matt Gahan made the College Mens final along with Mike Klein out of Mira Costa and Sam Baugh from USD. Losness took the victory with Klein coming in second. The special teams out of Saddleback also came thrrough with Eric Mehlberg taking second in the Longboard final and Shelley Hayden coming in fourth in the Womens. The question remains-can Saddleback coach Mark McElroy gather this talented group all together at Nationals time in June? Two-time National champion Dylan Mignogna took the state Longboard crown for UCSB and conference bodyboard champion Yusuke Shibata from Cal State Long Beach claimed the state crown in the Bodyboard division. Heather Long took her first ever NSSA championship title in the Womens division for Point Loma.
THE LOSNESS FACTOR-Back in 1999, San Clemente senior Mike Losness led his team to their first National title in 17 years. In 2002, Losness enters Saddleback and leads his team to their first ever NSSA title at the state or national level!

1. San Clemente-A 172
2. San Dieguito-A 97
3. Huntington Beach-A 95
4. Carlsbad-Purple 94
5. Carlsbad-White 64
=6. San Clemente-B 57
=6. Huntington Beach-B 57
8. Edison-Green 56
9. Vista 49
10. San Dieguito-B 45
11. Point Loma 40
12. Marina-A 34
13. San Dieguito-C 26
14. Torrey Pines 24
15. Laguna Beach 21
=16. Edison-White 20
=16. Marina-B 20
=16. Edison-Gold 20

1. Travis Mellem-San Clemente
2. Pat Gudauskas-San Clemente
3. Mike Maurer-San Clemente
4. Dane Gudauskas-San Clemente
5. Erik Trapschuh-Huntington Beach
6. Andrew Gahan-San Clemente
1. Melissa Murphy-Edison
2. Ewa Lewington-Huntington Beach
3. Stephanie Cadman-San Clemente
4. Tasia Jones-Carlsbad
5. Tessa Merel-Vista
6. Alison Apodaca-Edison

1. Dwyer 100
2. Shorecliffs-A 86
3. Bernice Ayer-A 81
4. Oak Crest 71
5. Valley 65
6. Cabrillo 58
7. Earl Warren 44
8. Sowers-A 39
9. Bernice Ayer-B 34
10. Shorecliffs-B 28
11. Sowers-B 5

1. Ian Ekberg-Dwyer
2. Tanner Gudauskas-Shorecliffs
3. Jeff Lukasik-Bernice Ayer
4. Cory Arrambide-Cabrillo
5. Chris Freisen-Valley
6. Trevor Saunders-Bernice Ayer

1. Oleema Miller-Shorecliffs
2. Molly Hulsizer-Shorecliffs
3. Emily Baker-Bernice Ayer
4. Chelsea Corwin-Bernice Ayer
5. Ashley Bennedict-Earl Warren
6. Dana Clark-Sowers

1. Saddleback 163
2. Mira Costa-Red 142
3. Cal State Long Beach-A 103
4. UC Santa Barbara-Victor 70
5. UC Santa Barbara-Vector 56
6. UC San Diego-A 53
7. Mira Costa-White 52
8. Cal State San Marcos 48
9. San Diego State-Cheerios 45
=10. Cal State Long Beach-B 42
=10. Point Loma 42
12. US San Diego-B 29
13. San Diego State-Wheaties 24
=14. UC Irvine 23
=14. USD 23
16. USC 20
17. UCLA 19
18. UC Santa Barbara-Gaucho 13

1. Mike Losness-Saddleback
2. Mike Klein-Mira Costa
3. Matt Gahan-Saddleback
4. Bron Huessenstam-Saddleback
5. Sam Baugh-USD
6. Greg Long-Saddleback
1. Heather Long-Point Loma
2. Natalee Trefren-Mira Costa
3. Liz Clark-UCSB
4. Shelly Hayden-Saddleback
5. Lorissa Rinehart-UCI
6. Karlene Wiegand-Mira Costa