The Backyard Beef Challenge

The “Backyard Beef Challenge” was fun for all. It was held June 16th and 17th at 54th St. About 100 competitors battled it out for the prestigious barbeque utensil trophies and tons of prizes. The surf was a fun 2-3 feet and peaky throughout the weekend. It was sunny all weekend and there were lots of girls on the beach. In the end Geoff Moysa won the Men’s, Travis Mellem won the Junior’s, Adam Wickwire won the Boy’s, and Andrew Doheny won the Tykes. Josh Hoyer stuck the best Air in the Airshow to win $100 and the Golden Cock. We had the Awards Ceremony at Bluewater Grill on Sunday to finish the event with lots of free food.

[IMAGE 1] Men’s 18 & over:
1) Geoff Moysa
2) Scott Posner
3) Andy Hobson
4) Travis Mellem

Junior’s 15-17:
1) Travis Mellem
2) Rodger Eales
3) Jason Franco
4) Nick Johnson

Boy’s 12-14:
1) Adam Wickwire
2) Bronson Hovanian
3) Bert Farley
4) Andrew Doheny
Tykes 11 & under:
1) Andrew Doheny
2) Jesse Steelman
3) Bryan Doheny
4) Porter Hogan

1) Josh Hoyer
2) Chris Mclaughlin
3) Eric Taylor
4) Travis Mellem
5) Jeff Hurley
6) Geoff Moysa