The Billabong Pipe Masters Starts–Kind Of

The Billabong Pipe masters started yesterday and other than a few moments of shack action and some crazy good turns, it was a nice beginning, but in no means the type of death-defying action we’d all like to see from the Pipe Masters. Andy Irons lit up the first heat of the day, somehow finding a mental backdoor pit on his first wave “That was weird, I didn’t even pump in that barrel and it just sucked me in and spit me out, laughed the four-time Pipeline Master.

The new format also confused a few people today. I overheard one competitor saying “So what, when it goes man-on-man, you get to burn the guy in the last heat? I don’t get it. I don’t really get it either, but it sounds pretty cool, you can get the whole rundown at

Other notable shredders, Cory Lopez nearly sticking a six foot air on the sandbar, Ace Buchan, and Sunny Garcia, who even found time to punch out Neco Padaratz’s fins after an interference altercation. I wouldn’t want to be in Neco’s shoes at this moment although rumors of a truce are circulating.

The beach scene at the Billabong Pipe Masters is better than the waves at the moment, “There’s so many girls here, laughed Jordy Smith. “You just walk up and down the beach and they’re everywhere, it’s great!

As far as the party scene is going, Darren Crawford DJ’ed the Volcom House all day during the event, and the Oakley house has been the spot, but a shut down of that zone might be coming soon–we’ll keep you posted.

The contest is looking like it should be on this Thursday.–Chris Cote