The Brother vs. Brother, INT vs. 50/50 Surfoff

What: A contrast/comparison between two very unique types of surfcraft, and two not so different brothers.

Where: Buccaneer Beach, Oceanside, CA.

When: Lunchtime, March 17, 2005

Testpilots: Chris and Justin Coté

Board #1: INT’s 4’11 Blackball Beater. The board has a soft top, a laminated hard bottom, Futures Fin setup (we used Vector fins) and a big ‘ol swallowtail.

Board #2: 50/50 Waveskate. 5’0 x 19 1/2 x 2 1/4. The 50/50 Waveskate has a FCS fin setup, a rounded off nose, a concave deck, four channels, and a single wing roundtail.

Justin’s remarks: While it’s no contest when Chris and I surf together, I like to throw him a bone every now and then. You know, something like, “Hey, ‘lil bro, nice head dip. You should try and paddle outside and do that! Anyways, the boards went surprisingly well. I rode the INT first and was impressed with how it paddled in relation to how short it was. Once up and riding, the board had no boogie board like flex, and responded well to my 165lb power torque cutties. The INT also liked to slap the lip in tight little arcs. I bet it would be so fun in dumping shorebreak.

The 50/50 board went well, too. At first the tail seemed too thick, like a ham sandwich, but once it started planing, the 50/50 took off down the line like a bat out of hell. It was also so loose that if you even thought about a 360, you’d start rotating ala Nancy Kerrigan.

Chris’ remarks: Being as I rule Justin on a day-to-day basis, it wasn’t really a fair contest. That being said, here are my observations for the first ever, brother vs. brother, board vs. board surfoff.

INT: The INT started off a bit sluggish but after a few waves I started to get used to it and did a few good floaters and a nice head dip. It felt great to paddle and I got a lot of waves. I’ll bet in bowling waves it would go unreal, especially at a wedging shorebreak. This thing will be the call for the summer beach days with your bros.

50/50: On my first wave the 50/50 took off. It’s a fast little disc that felt super squirelly to begin with but as I leaned back on the tail it started to stick more. You could clearly see how Zach Rhienhart and Derek Baukelman do big airs on these things. It slid out a couple of times, but overall, on flatter faces it went down the line like a skateboard with new bearings.


Chris: I did get the set of the day, and yes, I did rip it, and yes I did win the heat. What did I win? I won the honor of buying Justin lunch at The Buccaneer Beach Club, try the Cajun Chicken Ceaser, it rips.

Justin: If he won, why did he have to buy lunch? While it wasn’t Andy vs. Bruce at ten-foot Hossegor, it was the same result: Older bro gets over on younger bro. And the boards? Well, summer is coming up and these are the perfect craft for a day of play at the beach. In our book, they’re both winners. Check ’em out at and