The Champ Keeps It Rolling

Andy Irons will be telling his grandkids about 2004, here’s why.

Going into 2004, Andy Irons was already two-time world champ-then his roll really started. Early in the year, A.I. signed a five-year, multi-million dollar contact with Billabong that rumored to one of the biggest in the history of surfing. His face was splashed across the covers of national and international magazines nearly every month. So far he’s appeared on two covers of TransWorld SURF, a cover of Men’s Health magazine, Outside magazine, and dozens of international surf mag covers, and even more newspapers around the world. On the video side, Andy and Bruce appeared in an amazing ad spot for FUEL television featuring the brothers bomb-dropping out of a helicopter sixty feet above the water. His video part in Campaign won him a Surfer magazine video award for best male performance, and as a direct testament to his popularity, his video sections were generally saved for last in nearly every other video he appeared in. While his popularity still hasn’t eclipsed that of Kelly Slater-you can bet that it will if he adds another World title to his growing world title collection. “Yeah, this year has already been amazing for me.” Laughed Andy. “I can’t really say how good it will really be till after the contests in Hawai’i. We’ll see.”

At press time, Andy looks nearly unreachable in his race to a third world title. So far he’s won two events, placed second in two events, and third in two more events-quite a run.

Just to add another feather in Andy’s cap, by proclamation of the governor of Hawai’i, starting February 13, 2004 will forever be known as Andy Irons Day on Kau’ai, now that’s a year to remember.-C.C.