The Checks Files For 3/26

Well, after twenty four hours of traveling, Salomon Team Manager Jason Weatherley and I made it to West Oz for a sort of Salomon tour of Australia (they’re paying for it). Basically the purpose of being here is to hang out with the team, shoot photos, see their six-star event, and then go do some more shooting of the team doing R and D with the Salomon boards back on the East Coast.


I don’t know how many times I’ve said this, but West Oz (or Margaret River) is basically heaven on Earth. Why? Well, let’s start with the waves. First of all, there’s a variety of sandbars, reefs, points, whatever the hell you want. Follow that up with consistency that’s too big at times and you have a surfing candy store. Then there’s the area itself. Beyond the wineries and the fields of grapes is an open area of gorgeousness that’s still been relatively untouched—it’s beautiful. The locals are friendly, there’s plenty of good restaurants—everything you need is here. Do I have to come home?

Anyway, the first session I shot was with Kieren Perrow at Supertubes. In case you ever wondered where all those photos of Taj Burrow come from, it’s there. It’s a spot super close to his house and is a shallow reef that consistently does the same thing—tube. As a matter of fact, Taj was out with his good buddies Nathan Webster and photographer John “Sponnas Respondek. It was good, just inconsistent and really offshore—almost too offshore. Twenty knots offshore. I felt bad for some of the other guys in the lineup. There were 40 minute lulls between sets and when they came, Taj, Nudes, and K.P were the ones getting them. After a couple of hours we finished a roll and took the long walk back to the car.


Earlier in the morning K.P. and I had checked The Box which is closer to Margaret River. It looked like it wasn’t happening, but Kieren “had a feeling. We still took the drive to Supertubes, shot, and returned to The Box where we got the, “you guys missed it. Although reports were conflicting, we do know the waves turned on after we left and Myles Padaca, Pancho Sullivan, Luke Hitchings, and Koby Abberton were ruling it. Kieren was frothing to get the place good and when we returned and found out, it was almost like he was heartbroken. We should’ve gone with his gut feeling.


One more thing: If you have any questions you want to ask Kieren go ahead and e-mail them to: Good ones to ask are: Why are you such a freak? Are your genitals larger than the average male’s? Does being held under for a couple minutes make you happy? Look for the answers in an upcoming report. Until then, get f—ked. AC