The Del Taco HB Pro/Junior Surf Series Results

Tacos and Surfing- a match made at the Huntington Beach Pier!

Surf City- Huntington Beach, Calif – The Huntington Beach Pro/Junior Surf Series, sponsored by Del Taco, held their first of four events over this past weekend, May 3rd through the 5th, @ the Southside of the Huntington Beach Pier.

    The surf was 4-5 feet and the weather was great all weekend.  “What a perfect weekend to start off the new season” says event director, Seth Matson. “The whole vibe down at the beach was great this weekend with Del Taco as our new blanket sponsor. The waves and the competitors were going off! ”

     20 year old Mike Todd is on a mission! After taking second place in the PSTA at Trestles last week against top pro surfers such as Sunny Garcia and CJ Hobgood, the Laguna Beach local surfer collected another $2,000 for winning the first event of the Huntington Beach Pro Junior Surf Series. Mike Todd, who was recently sidelined for eight weeks with a broken ankle, had this to say about the win, “It’s always fun to win an event. I'm saving this money to purchase a house in the future. I'm stoked that Del Taco, being a corporate company, is getting involved with the HB Surf Series.

     Ventura local, Adam Virs, collected a check for $500 for his victory in the first ever Del Taco Macho Airshow.  23 year old Virs busted a big frontside air at the end of the heat that scored a 7.5 to win the final! 
HB Pro/Junior Results
1. Mike Todd $2,000
2. Dane Reynolds $ 500
3. Dane Johnson $ 400
4. Brett Simpson $ 300
eq5. Shaun Ward, Austin Ware $ 175
eq6. Gabrial Garcia, Ian Rotgins $150

 Macho Airshow Results
1. Adam Virs $500
2. Nathan Yoemans $ 300
3. Keith Granger $ 200
4. Chase Newsom $ 150

     Other 1st place winners in last weekends event were: Super Groms — Jesse Steelman, Boys — Chad Compton,
Juniors — Gabriel Garcia, Mens — Mike Mattison,  Masters — Marc Austin, Womens — Lauren Sweeney, Longboard — Joey Hawkins.   You can also check  for a complete list of all other winners from last weekend’s event.

      The next event will be held on June 7-9 at the Southside of the HB Pier.  Due to limited space, competitors are encouraged to pre-register to guarantee their entry into the competition. Entry forms are available by calling 714-596-5019.  Complete info on the HB Pro/Junior Surf Series, including slide show, ratings, results, live cams and more are available on our event website

     Other Supporting Sponsors include: Hss, Dukes, HB Beer Co., Aloha Grill, Voodoo Doc, Channel Islands, Freestyle,, Gold's Gym, Surfrider Foundation, Sector 9, Kroq, Hooters, Interscope Records, OAM, Mountain High, Surfline, Cobian, Unwritten Law and the Sugar Shack.

 Remaining contest dates and locations are:
#2. June 7-9    S/S HB Pier
#3. July 12-14    S/S HB Pier
#4. Sept. 13-15    S/S HB Pier  (Championships)

For further information, contact Seth Matson at Forward Progress:
P.O. Box #883 – HB, Ca. 92648

Forward Progress/HB Surf Series

P.O. Box #883

Huntington Beach, CA 92648

(714) 596-5019

Contact: Seth Matson, Director