The End of Innocence

The End Of Innocence

Remembering the surf dork in all of us.

I was having a debate with a few people the other day. We were wondering if our readers still liked surf posters. I remember when I was younger, eleven or twelve, the walls of my room were covered with surf shots torn from magazines. There was an inch-thick layer of pictures and posters that were glued, stapled, and pinned all over each other. My mom used to get mad at me because she knew that when I eventually took the pictures off the wall, the room was going to need some serious painting and drywall work.

For some reason, I'll never forget the day I decided to start pulling the pictures off the wall. Good-bye Tom Curren and your perfectly placed arms, good-bye Occy's ferocious cutback, good-bye Martin Potter's blue-flame airbrush, good-bye grade school, hello junior high–good-bye 80s, hello 90s. I felt like I was maturing and growing up with each photo that came down–clearing way for new memories and cleaning out the old ones. I guess at the time, it just felt dorky to have my room look like that.

While I haven't been in many twelve year old's rooms lately, I hope that there're a few of them out there coated with surf photos. I hope there's a kid out there with walls completely overun by Andy, Taj, and Kelly.

I wish I kept my surf-shot wallpaper up for a little while longer. It would've prolonged my youth and held my teenage insecurities at bay for a second longer. When you're that age, being a dork is the worst possible situation.

Today, as I grow older, I'd give anything to be the same twelve-year-old surf dork, sitting in my room staring at a wall covered in dreams–I think we all would.–C.C.

If you're a kid or a grown-up who still has a rip-wall, send in a photo. It would be nice to see that the dream is still alive. Send photos to TransWorld SURF, 353 Airport Road, Oceanside, California, 92054