The EZEKIEL/SUN DIEGO Pro-Am Surf Series Dates Announced

The EZEKIEL/SUN DIEGO Pro-Am Surf Series is on its way back for the 2004-05 Season with the first event being held at Avalanche Jetty in Ocean Beach on October 9th and 10th. This Double Points rated event will be the first in a series of 8 contests running throughout San Diego and North County from October thru May of next year. The Series will feature 7 Amateur Divisions that will compete for trophies and tons of sick prizes donated by all the series’ sponsors: Menehuenes, Boys, Juniors, Mens Open, Womens Open, Masters and Longboarding. All of these divisions will surf only on Saturday. Saturday’s competition will also highlight a brand new division — THE ADIO PRO JUNIOR. This division is open to competitors age 19 and under who will have the opportunity to surf for $1,000 in prize money each event. This division was created by ADIO footwear to give the young up and coming Juniors in southern California a shot at getting their feet wet in professional surfing before jumping into the Pro Division where they’re competing against very savvy, experienced WQS competitors. This division will feature a 4-man heat format and will be limited to the first 24 entries. ADIO is also putting up a $2,000 bonus for the top 3 finishers in the overall standings to split at the end of the season. The PRO JUNIOR will start on Saturday with the Finals being held on Sunday with the Pro and Airshow divisions.

Sunday, day two of competition, will feature the very competitive EZEKIEL/SUN DIEGO PRO-AM Division along with the SOBE-NOFEAR AIRRSHOW. The PRO-AM division will offer a $3,500 purse each event, with super solid prize money for the Finalists and even some money trickling into the Semi Finals. SECTOR 9 skateboards is giving out an extra $200 to the competitor who executes the “Most Radical Maneuver in the PRO-AM division at every contest!! This means that a surfer might lose in his first heat because he only caught one wave but he can still win $200 because on that one wave he caught he blasted the meanest backside gaff the judges have seen all day…….That’s pretty damn cool! EZEKIEL and SUN DIEGO are also putting together some big time bonus money for the top 3 finishers at season’s end! Entries in the PRO-AM division are limited to the first 48 competitors.

Sunday will also showcase the all new $20,000 SOBE-NOFEAR AIRSHOW that will feature California’s best aerialists competing for a prize purse of $2,000 per event. SOBE-NOFEAR is also putting up $4,000 to be split by the top 3 finishers in the overall standings at the end of the tour!! This year’s AIRSHOW will debut a brand new progressive format exclusive to the Surf Series……make sure you come down and check it out!! All the aerialists involved are sure to be psyched on the new set up and will be super motivated to get out there and punt some huge airs for the big money! The AIRSHOW will be limited to the first 24 entries.

The EZEKIEL/SUN DIEGO PRO-AM SURF SERIES is supported by an outstanding cast of sponsors who all contribute a great deal in allowing this Surf Tour to happen. We’d like to give a Big Thanks to each one of them: ADIO FOOTWEAR, SECTOR 9, FREESTYLE, SPY OPTIC, SURFER MAGAZINE, SOBE-NOFEAR, EZERA SURFBOARDS, WEST SURFING, CREATURES OF LEISURE, SOUNDKASE, HEADHUNTER, AND WAHOO’S FISH TACO.

To find out more information on the Surf Series and get a season schedule, go to SUNDIEGO.COM where you can download an entry form and check for all Series updates. You can also pick up an entry form in your local San Diego County Surf Shop. If you have further questions, you can contact Marc Kater – Contest Director at # (760) 607-1225 or

We look forward to a very exciting, competitive season and hope to see everyone on the beach checking out the scene at Event #1 in O.B. on October 9th and 10th!!