The Frontside Railgrab Reverse with Chris Ward

The Frontside Railgrab Reverse with Chris Wardby Chris Ward, photo Bloomfield


1. Come off the bottom of the wave and project yourself into the crumbling lip.

2. During the first phase of the tailslide, grab your rail and pull it toward you.

3. Center your weight over the board and keep a hold on the rail while you’re sliding.

4. Keep sliding.

5. Now that you’re backwards, push down on your back foot to engage the fins.

6. Go over the falls with the wave while keeping your board under your feet. Let go of the rail and stabilize yourself.

7. You’ve almost pulled it, just stay over your board and relax.

8. Start to straighten out a little bit.

9. Now that you’ve done a rad move, try to casually get back on the face and do it again.