The Greg Browning Winter Classic

The Second Annual Greg Browning Winter Classic

Not everyone gets to name a surf contest after themselves, however, if you’re in the South Bay of[IMAGE 1] L.A. and your name’s Greg Browning, it’s probably okay. After a successful first run last year, the Second Annual Greg Browning Winter Classic came through with a huge turnout and even better waves.

Rippers of all ages look forward to it because there isn’t anything like it all year. “It’s a chance to get the community down at the beach, supporting surfing, giving these kids a chance to hang out together, to get some prizes, and rally up the boys,” says Browning.

Although it rained from start to finish, the unusual weather also created some unusual conditions with offshore winds and head-high surf all weekend, “This morning’s the best I think I’ve ever seen El Porto,” said Boys and Juniors winner Alex Grey. “I don’t surf here all the time, but it’s so fun and everyone’s just having a blast.”

Although he’d never admit it, Browning’s a bit of an icon that young South Bay talents like Grey look up to and appreciate, “Personally, for me, this (contest) affects my entire repertoire of surfing from here to here because Greg Browning has helped me throughout my life. He got me started on this whole contest, pro surfer thingy. I just want to support him so I think it’s a big privilege.”[IMAGE 2]Frustrating at times, the rain didn’t stop a huge turnout with heats running all day both days, “I’d say we pretty much came close to doubling our last years entrants,” said Browning. “The waves have been outrageous. I’d say the only thing we’re missing is sun.”In addition to the heats, an autograph signing, with posters made for the contest, was held on the first day and included such famous names as Rob Machado, the Malloy brothers, Josh and Tim Curran, Geoff Moysa, and Kelly Slater who missed the signing and judged a few heats instead.

Browning used his industry contacts to get a large number of prizes in addition to surfboards for a raffle and respective first-place finishers. The lucky winners, in this case Evan Caples and Alex Gray, took home two brand new boards each. Congratulations go out to the winners and to Browning who made it another successful year.-AC

1. Matt Calderon
2. Marty Weinstein
3. Dane Zaun
4. Tyler Campbell

[IMAGE 3] Boys
1. Alex Gray
2. Chad Chiles
3. Jeff Nunez
4. Garrett Daniels

1. Alex Gray
2. Fernando Mauro
3. Jamie Meistrell
4. Justin Schwartz

1. Evan Caples
2. Richard Silva
3. Rusty White
4. Noah Budroe

1. Evan Caples
2. Noah Budroe
3. Ted Robinson
4. Kelly Gibson

1. Jamie Gee
2. Tara Lentz
3. Jamilah Istfanhoje
4. Emiko Hoshino