The Hawaiian Island Creations Pipeline Pro

The Hawaiian Island Creations Pipeline Pro
A first for Cabrero and Puerto Rico.

If women were given the choice between Puerto Rico’s Ricky Martin and Carlos Cabrero, they’d probably pick pretty-boy Martin. You see, chicas don’t know about getting perfect tens in eight- to ten-foot Pipe, therefore they don’t know the prowess of the one called Cabrero. He became the first Puerto Rican to win a professional contest in Hawai’i by winning the fourth event of the Hawaiian Asahi Grand Slam Series. In punking Martin, he beat an extremely talented final of Braden Dias (second), Andy Irons (third), and Aussie Dean Morrison (fourth). Congratulations go out to Cabrero, who took home a first-place check of 4,000 bucks.

The following are the final ratings of the
Hawai’ian Asahi Grand Slam Series:

1. Pancho Sullivan
2. Braden Dias
3. Myles Padaca
4. Derek Ho
5. Jason Bogle
6. Brian Pacheco