The Hurley Superteam Injection

Julian Wilson

According to multiple reports, Julian Wilson and other Nike riders will be sporting a big Hurley sticker on their board soon. Photo: ASP

The Hurley Superteam Injection
Nike team riders keep their shoes, but to replace their clothes

Myriad internet reports and speculations indicate that sponsor changes are so hot right now. With rumors of Bruce Irons and Volcom parting ways, John John's impending decision on who to rip for, and a slew of other surfers being dropped, cut, or offered "real" jobs, it was no surprise that Nike announced a bombshell this morning, effectively saying that the whole team will now ride for Hurley clothing, but still rock Nike kicks. Hurley already had a strong team of "ambassadors" including Rob Machado, Evan Geiselman, Conner Coffin, Simpo, and Yadin Nicol to name a few. Well, consider the Hurley team a surfing superpower now with the addition of Julian Wilson, Kolohe Andino, Carissa Moore, Michel Bourez, Alejo Muniz, Kai Barger, and the rest of the Nike team added as of today. Right now, all we know is who's been added, we'll have to wait to see who gets dropped. If you give a shit about sponsor changes, there's your news, and trust us, there will me plenty of this kind of surf industry gossip and insider information to some. If you don't care, please go back to your regularly scheduled surfing enjoyment right here on

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