The Interscholastic Surfing Federation Event # 3 For The San Diego Middle Schools

The Interscholastic Surfing Federation event # 3 for the San Diego Middle Schools was held yesterday, March 30, 2008 at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas. The conditions ranged from 3 to 5 feet with challenging and windy conditions. Results for individuals and teams are as follows:

Boys Shortboard
1.Kyle Laney          Aviara Oaks
2.Lucas Johnson    Valley
3.Ramsay Sutton   Earl Warren
4.Spencer Bentley  Valley
5.Nelson Kingery    Earl Warren
6.Matt Lewis          Oak Crest

Boys Longboard
1.Lucas Dirkse       Muirlands
2.Santiago Gonzalez  Correia
3.Tyler Decker        Aviara Oaks
4.Ramsay Sutton   Earl Warren
5.Jadd McElroy      Vista
6.Tadd McCardell   Carmel Valley

Girls Shortboard
1.Laura Liedle        Carmel Valley
2.Hanna VanVeen  Oak Crest
3.Kacey Harrah      Oak Crest
4.Skye Rainey       Valley
5.Marisa Peterson  St. Patricks
6.Shelli Swindell     Earl Warren

Girls Longboard
1.Bryn Lutz            Valley
2.Tamara Kramer    Earl Warren
3.Marisa Peterson  St. Patricks
4.Stephanie Schechter  Carmel Valley
5.Katie Kelly          Carmel Valley
6.Sierra Gilley        Aviara Oaks

1.Cole Holderman   Correia
2.Waylon Christianson  Aviara Oaks
3.Chris Wang         Valley
4.Eric Stern           Oak Crest
5.Tyler Pahl           Valley
6.Danny Adler        Earl Warren

Team Results
1.Earl Warren         207 Points
2.Valley                 206
3.Correia                150.5
4.Carmel Valley      136.5
5.Oak Crest           133
6.Aviara Oaks        131.5
7.Muirlands            109.5
8.Calavera/St. Pats   94
9.Diegueno               90