The Interscholastic Surfing Federation Event # 4 For San Diego Division

The Interscholastic Surfing Federation event # 4 for San Diego Division 1 & 2 was held on Saturday, March 29, 2008 at Monlight Beach in Encinitas. The conditions were 4-6 foot in fair conditions. Team vs team and individual competition results are as follows:

Team Results:
San Dieguito “A”  W-84   vs   La Costa Canyon “A”  L-63
Carlsbad “A”        W-85   vs   Point Loma                L-38
Torrey Pines “A”   W-92  vs   La Jolla                      L-48
Carlsbad “B”        W-73  vs   Coronado                   L- 00
La Costa  “B”       W-72  vs   Torrey Pines”B”          L-51
San Dieguito “B”  W-63  vs   Mision Bay                 L-22

Mens Shortboard
1.  Tilor McGinty       Carlsbad
2.  Dale Timm          Torrey Pines
3.  Olin Bower-Sainz Carlsbad
4.  Dylan Stephens   San Dieguito
5.  Zane Norman       San Dieguito
6.  Nate Cintas         Point Loma

Mens Longboard
1.  Chris Cravey        San Dieguito
2.  Josh Gandula      San Dieguito
3.  Max Ullman         Torrey Pines
4.  Kurt Brending      Carlsbad
5.  Nick Hastings      Carlsbad
6.  Preston Crowell   Torrey Pines

Womens Shortboard
1.  Lauren Humann   Torrey Pines
2.  Alexa Dilley         San Dieguito
3.  Coral Buxton       San Dieguito
4.  Madison Lyon      San Dieguito
5.  Michele Loveland Carlsbad
6.  Rachel Mills        Torrey Pines

Womens Longboard
1.  Jacky Vinson      La Jolla
2.  Alexa Dilley         San Dieguito
3.  Lauren Humann   Torrey Pines
4.  Kyla Peterson     Carlsbad
5.  Kelsey Daum      San Dieguito
6.  Kelsey Dowdy     La Jolla

Coed Bodyboard
1.  Cody Miller          Torrey Pines
2.  Anton Van Veen  La Costa Canyon
3.  Max Greenhalgh  Carlsbad
4.  Ryan McDevitt     La Costa Canyon
5.  Tanner Miller       Torrey Pines
6.  Matt Schlador      Torrey Pines

The ISF High School State Championships will take place on April 19, 20 & 21, 2008 at Oceanside Harbor South Jetty.