The Wanderjahr Premier(s)

Do you like good surfing? Do you like to see heroes, like, let’s say for instance Brendan “Margo Margieson, Occy, and Luke Egan? Wanderjahr is the biography of Margo—a man many consider the father of “freesurfing. He says there were others before him, but realistically, he’s been the most covered. Although he’s had competitive success, Margo knew he wasn’t cut out for the grind of life on tour and instead traveled around the world shooting photos, making videos with Jack McCoy, and basically ripping.


The premiers occurred Thursday night at La Paloma in Encinitas and Saturday night at the Mann Theater on Main Street in downtown Huntington Baech. Oh yeah, there were parties afterward and lucky Encinitas Margo fans were treated to the band known as The Plug Uglies and some serious 80s hits courtesy of D.J.’s C-Bot and Dyl Spinner of 80s Heat. Karl Strauss supplied beer for lucky drunks too. And this being the surf industry, everybody gets lucky.

Thanks to the good people at Reef who put the whole thing together with Steelehouse Productions, Margo signed posters for anyone who wanted—he’s cool like that. That’s the basis of the video as well, because as anyone will tell you, he’s the kindest, humblest person on Earth. There’s a lot of famous names who say that in the movie as well and the surfing, like said before, is some of the best ripping you’ve seen in a long-ass time—really. If you didn’t get a chance to get to the premier, make sure and buy this—it’s a definite add on to your collection. Enjoy these dumb photos.—Checky Checkerson The Fourth