The Jay At Maverick’s Window Now Open

picture-3The Jay At Maverick’s Big Wave Invitational Opening Ceremony went down on Monday in Half Moon Bay and today officially kicks off the December 1st-February 28th holding period for the event. The invitees drew golf balls with their names on them to determine heat draws and below is how it’s playing out in the first round. Two surfers make it out of each heat and that goes straight into the two semis. And honestly, there’s not a stacked heat in the bunch.


Kelly Slater
Mark Healey
Anthony Tashnick
Grant Washburn
Shane Desmond
Ryan Seelbach

Greg Long
Dave Wassel
Ken “Skindog” Collins
Jamie Sterling
Grant “Twiggy” Baker
Zach Wormhoudt

Shane Dorian
Nathan Fletcher
Chris Bertish
Ryan Augenstein
Tyler Smith
Alex Martins

Matt Ambrose
Carlos Burle
Flea Virostko
Peter Mel
Shawn Dollar
Rusty Long

ALTERNATES (In order of priority)
1. Tyler Fox
2. Josh Loya
3. Colin Dwyer
4. Nic Lamb
5. Danilo Couto
6. Derek Dunfee
7. Ben Andrews
8. Andrew Marr
9. Travis Payne
10. Ion Banner
11. Kohl Christenson
12. Shawn Rhodes
13. Mike Gerhardt
14. Garrett McNamara
15. Russell Smith
16. Jamie Mitchell
17. Ben Wilkinson

Stay tuned to all the updates on when the event will run on as well as And stay up to date on all the Big Wave World Tour happenings at