The Latest Results From the Vans Triple Crown And Vans Haleiwa Pro

Saturday, November 16, 2002 – (Honolulu, HAWAII) — Defending Vans Triple Crown champion Myles Padaca was a shock elimination in round two of the Vans Hawaiian Pro at Haleiwa today, placing fourth in his four-man heat behind Jonathan Gonzalez (Canary Islands), Pat O’Connell (USA) and Raoni Monteiro (Brazil). His equal 81st place in this first event of the three-event series means his chances of reclaiming the Triple Crown title are incredibly slim.

Surf conditions improved from yesterday, the 6-8 feet swell (waveface height) was more organized which offered longer rides and better scoring potential, yet Padaca never managed to find the better rides. While Gonzalez and O’Connell notched up scores of in the six to eight point range (out of a maximum 10), Padaca’s highest wave score was a 4.07. On each surfer’s top two rides, Padaca finished with a total of 7.57, while advancing surfers Gonzalez and O’Connell posted 15.0 and 13.13 respectively.

In other heats, local knowledge toppled high-ranking talent in more than one heat, with locals Sean Yano and Kekoa Bacalso toppling international seeds Greg Emslie (South Africa) and Luke Hitchings (Australia). At 33 years of age, Yano is one of the oldest surfers in the event, but he proved experience matters more by posting one of the highest heat scores of the day to win his heat – 13.83 points out of 20.

“I think maturity and experience count for a lot, especially here in Hawaii,” said Yano. “I’ve been training harder and surfing more than I ever have in my life and coming into these events, I feel I have as good a chance as anyone of winning. Of course, there is a long way to go and a lot of variables that need to come together, but I feel I’m surfing at my best.”

Round one of the $30,000 Roxy Pro women’s surfing took to the water early in the afternoon with 24 hopefuls looking to earn a place against the top ranked women in the world.

Californian Holly Beck (Palos Verdes) was the standout of the first round, posting a total of 15.56 points out of 20 for the highest heat score of the day – topping both the men’s and women’s scores. Twenty-two year-old Beck will have to maintain form in the next round when she faces defending Roxy Pro champion Jacqueline Silva (Brazil) and current world number three Lynette MacKenzie (Australia).

Others to advance to round two include Marie Pierre Abgrall (France), Yvette Bertleman (Hawaii) and Patricia Lopes (Portugal).

The Davidoff Cool Water Xpression Session heats ended the day on a high as an international field of 20 invited surfers set out to meet the criteria that called for aerials, progressive and most powerful maneuvers. A weather-tough crowd that outlasted the period rain showers of the day were rewarded for their endurance with an action-packed display of floating turns, 360 degree aerials and power moves.

Nineteen year-old Jamie O’Brien, who made a name for himself during the Vans Triple Crown last year when he reached the final of the Xbox Pipeline Masters against an all-star field, starred again today, landing some big aerials and slamming hard for some of the most powerful moves too. Two 10-man heats were held with the top five surfers from each advancing to a final where they will battle for $10,000. Joining O’Brien in the final will be Jonathan Gonzalez (Canary Islands), Myles Padaca (Hawaii), Andy Irons (Hawaii), Flavio Padaratz (Brazil), Mick Fanning (Australia), Pancho Sullivan (Hawaii), Taj Burrow (Australia), Joel Parkinson (Australia), and Miki Picon (France).

Today’s swell is forecast to decrease in the coming days, with the next moderate swell to arrive in a few days time. Two more days of competition are needed before the Vans Hawaiian Pro, Roxy Pro and Davidoff Cool Water Xpression Session can be finalized.

The $100,000 Vans Hawaiian Pro is the final event on the ASP men’s World Qualifying Series calendar for 2002, and with its 6-star rating is a critiical event for those surfers looking to qualify for next year’s elite World Championship Tour (WCT). Similarly, the $30,000 Roxy Pro also carries a lot of weight for the women’s world tour as a 6-star WQS and the second-to-last WQS event of the year.

A satellite feed of highlights from all three of these events at Haleiwa will go out following the finals. A separate satellite alert with coordinates will be distributed at that time.

The Vans Triple Crown of Surfing will determine the men’s and women’s world and Triple Crown champions for 2002. Hawaii’s Andy Irons and Australia’s Layne Beachley currently lead their respective world title races.

The Vans Triple Crown Series features the world^(1)s top athletes competing in three championship events in each of the following sports: Skateboarding, Wakeboarding, Surfing, Snowboarding, BMX and Freestyle Motocross. The Series is made possible through proud sponsors Vans, Xbox, Mountain Dew, Ford Trucks, Right Guard Xtreme Sport, Fox Sports Net, Surfing Magazine and NBC Sports.

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Vans Hawaiian Pro
Round 2: (4 man heats, first 2 advance)H1: T. Martin (Aus), R. Bryson (SAfr), C. Ward (USA), B. Fernandez (Brz)
H2: J. Kohdr (Brz), B. Irons (Haw), T. Logie (SAfr), M. Picon (Fra)
H3: D. Costa (Brz), N. Ogawa (Jpn), H. Walker (Aus), D. Weare (SAfr)
H4: P. Sullivan (Haw), E. Rebiere (Fra), P. Gutierrez (Spn), B. Bourgeois
H5: R. Powers (Haw), L. Stedman (Aus), T. Perry (Haw), A. Fredette (Haw)
H6: N. Hedge (Aus), C. Hayes (Haw), R. Rocha (Brz), M. Ross (Aus)
H7: Y. Sodre (Brz), K. Slater (USA), F. Gouveia (Brz), M. Jones (Haw)
H8: W. Lewis (Aus), L. Winkler (Aus), P. Canning (SAfr), J. Shibata (Haw)
H9: K. Otto (Aus), C. Davidson (Aus), B. Pigmeu (Brz), D. Harvey (Aus)
H10: M. Bannister (Aus), T. Prestage (Aus), J. Centeio (Haw), G. Ringrose (Aus)
H11: S. Yano (Haw), K. Bacalso (Haw), L. Hitchings (Aus), G. Emslie (SAfr)
H12: S. Clements (Aus), T. Pires (Port), T. Arnold (Aus), G. Herdy (Brz)
H13: J. Gonzales (Canary), P. O’Connell (USA), R. Monteiro (Brz), M. Padaca (Haw)
H14: S. Beschen (USA), J. Howse (Aus), K. Jaquias (Haw), A. King (Aus)
H15: T. Whitaker (Aus), M. Trekinho (Brz), L. Egan (Aus), S. Suitt (Haw)
H16: M. Matthews (Aus), J. Santos (BRz), D. Courtney (Aus), D. Randazzo (USA)

Roxy Pro
Round 1: (6-woman heats, first 3 advance)H1: M. Pierre Abgrall (Fra), D. Penfold (Aus), C. Sarran (Fra), L. Fisher (Aus), L. Davey-Pogue (Haw), K. Mackie (Aus)
H2: H. Beck (USA), K. Wooldridge (Aus), C. Bevilacqua (Aus), S. Seramur (Haw), R. Davies (GB), H. Hasegawa (Haw)
H3: Y. Bertleman (Haw), E. Joly-Thomas (Fra), J. Nelson (USA), S. Beardmore (Aus), A. Dragan (Aus), V. Kay (USA)
H4: M. Sherringham (Aus), P. Lopes (Port), J. Christian (USA), S. Ashley (Aus), F. Spires (USA), L. Metz (Haw)

Davidoff Cool Water Xpression SessionFirst 5 advance to 10-man final.
H1:Advancing: J. O’Brien (haw), A. Irons (Haw), M. Padaca (Haw), F. Padaratz (Brazil), J. Gonzalez (Canaries)
Eliminated: E. Acero (Spain), L. Hodel (Haw), M. Ohno (Jpn), T. Pires (Port)
H2:Advancing:M. Fanning (Aus), P. Sullivan (Haw), T. Burrow (Aus), J. Parkinson (Aus), M. Picon (Fra)
Eliminated: M. Quinn (NZ), K. Alexander (Haw), R. Winter (UK), D. Hobgood (USA), M. Bannister (Aus)