The Little Magic Pin

Timmy Patterson’s bump-pin shortboard is a tool for all occasions.


Shaper: Timmy Patterson

Model: Timmy Reyes Bump Pin

Size: 5’10”

Width: 18 1/4″

Thickness: 2 1/8″

Nose: 11 1/4″

Tail: Bump pin


Height: 5’7″

Weight: 150 lbs.

Bump in the template right in the middle of the fins (fourteen inches up from the tail) breaks the arc of the rail to provide a good pivot point. This board is surfed best off the back foot where the bump can be utilized best.

Low, round rails (Timmy calls them “bally”) sink easier on turns and let your really put some weight into lip.

Slightly domed deck provides center thickness that counter-balances the low rails, giving the board adequate floatation.

Single to double concave. “I like to keep it real simple,” says Timmy Patterson. “This is a great bottom for generating speed.”

A thin stringer keeps the board’s weight down, and that helps with maneuverability and flex-two important factors in high-performance surfing.

While every fin system is available for this model, the most requested are the True Lite glass-on fins-T. Patterson template.

The rail changes drastically from soft and forgiving (to help climb and float sections without digging your rails) to hard and rigid (for slashing and turning) right at the bump.

According to T. Patterson, this board has three stages: nose (soft edge for easy riding), middle (concave for speed), and tail (pivot, bump, and hard edge for turning).

Shaper Notes:

T. Patterson says this board is a favorite with his team because it’s so versatile, and he recommends it for low intermediate to professional surfers. He originally made this board for Timmy Reyes, but in the past few months has been making dozens of them, and his guys are riding them in everything from one foot to six. Timmy is proud of the fact that his surfboards are hand-made in the U.S.A.

-Joel Patterson