The Making Of “Modernism”

As you may or may have not seen, the “Modernism” story in the latest TransWorld SURF (February 2005 issue) is great. Yeah, I said It, I wrote the thing, that’s how I know it’s great. The surfing’s great, the writing great, and now, the online story to accompany it is great as well. Shit, everything’s just ducky. The trip was last June, I remember it well, I was a much younger man then, six months younger to be exact. It was a great time of experimentation with boards, computers, music, and fashion. Some of the guys even cut off their sleeves and surfed in t-shirts! Man, things have changed. Anyway, here’s a behind the scens look at my photos from the trip. Sorry you all couldn’t be there, we could’ve had a rad party on the bow of the boat … Bintang’s for everyone!