The New Face of

Welcome to the new us. It’s us, only newer … and better looking. We’re kind of like your super-cool, smart second cousin who was always kind of homely looking, but then one summer she transformed into a something so hot, you’d consider overlooking the risk of inbreeding to ask him or her out. That’s actually pretty gross, but it’s true, so shut up and browse!

Easier And Funner To Use
We added a “Breaking News section so you’ll be up to date on all the latest happenings in the world of surfing. We ditched the 1999 look for the simplicity of white. We also built in an all-new (sorry, not “all nude) video section featuring larger, higher-resolution videos for the pre-session pump up. And our Magazine Issue Archive is now browse-able by magazine cover, so you can easily check out all our mags back to our first issue.

More Service For Our Readers
Our all-new Photo Section contains every image we’ve ever run in our mag, and you can search for them by photographer or surfer. Our Showroom section is a great place to go get ideas for you next board. The Bro-ism dictionary continues to grow (Who knew there would literally be hundreds, if not thousands, of Bro-isms to be discovered?). The site also features an online Surf Camp Directory to get you in touch with surf programs all over the world.

We Want Feedback
Let us know what you think about the site. It’s new, and essentially it’s yours, so we want your input. Hit the “Contact Us link and scribble away.

You rule! We rule! Life is good. —TWSurf Editors