The new Laird Hamilton biopic trailer has finally arrived, and it’s really good

Whatever your personal feelings on Laird Hamilton, there is no denying that he is responsible for the trajectory that big-wave surfing took from the late 1990s to where it is now. His death-defying ride at Teahupoo in 2000 is still regarded as one of the craziest waves ever ridden.

A new biopic on one of the world’s greatest water athletes ever made the festival rounds earlier this year, and it is set to debut in select theaters later this month. Now we finally get to see the first visuals from “Take Every Wave” via the recently released trailer.

Arguably one of the most divisive surfers in history, Hamilton has transcended surfing for quite some time now. His legend goes unmatched: He stays awake during hip surgery, helps direct traffic in Aspen during snowy conditions, was the early foil-board proponent … the list truly goes on and on.

But what does Hamilton himself think of all this fame, notoriety, attention and alienation? This is what “Take Every Wave” aims to answer for the world.

Offering a litany of opinions from friends, experts, wife Gabby Reece and Hamilton himself, “Take Every Wave” looks to be something worth the price of admission to the theater.

Get more information and details on screenings here.

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