The Nintendo Game Boy Color AdvancePlay with yourself.

Here’s a new little something to sneak into class or into your church. Actually, don’t sneak it into church because the priest might see you and yell at you in front of everybody. That sucks because then God might find out and bust your little ass. Anyway, if you’re a video game addict like I am, and as most of us are, the Game Boy Color Advance is a must have. It’s lightweight and super small (about the size of a wallet). The two games currently giving me thumb blisters are Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2, (obviously a game-aholic classic), and F-Zero. Both games play well, and have good controls. Tony Hawk 2 is kicking my brain’s ass because you have to reprogram your fingers for a different style of controls. F-Zero is a racing game from the future¿really fast and very fun. All in all, the GameBoy Advance rips. The screen’s a little dark at times, but overall, this thing’s a must for your back pocket. Just don’t sit on it with your fat ass.¿C.C.