The No Fear Mexican Surf Fiesta presented by Converse

San Miguel – Mexico 2005

The No Fear Mexican Surf Fiesta presented by Converse

No Fear has taken on the title sponsorship of the 2005 ASP/WQS event slated to take place Oct 8/9 in San Miguel-Mexico. “We are excited to team up with Ricardo Dominguez on the event for its 25th anniversary. It has a long history and has stood the test of time in the ever changing scenery of pro surfing. I see a long term commitment with Ricardo and the event with the hopes of using it as a platform to introduce a new format of competitive surfing.” reported Britt Galland / marketing director at No Fear, Inc. Subject to approval from ASP International, No Fear would like to introduce a new and exciting format for the 1 star event, details to follow as they develop.

“Either way we are happy to step in and become a part of this event even if the ASP doesn’t bite on our concept, there isn’t enough lower star rated events at the moment for the emerging pros to gain valuable points in the hunt for top ratings on the WQS. At best I see this event becoming a 2 star in the future, but chances are it will remain a 1 star. In the US there just aren’t enough events under 4 stars that are accessible for the young pros without big travel budgets. The current trend for the industry is to put the big money behind the higher rated events on the WQS so the big names show up. Even though that’s crucial for the success of the tour as a whole, we (the industry) need to devote more to the bottom tier on this tour or we are on the road to diminishing the opportunities for the young guys. The other thing that is so great about this event, and a tribute to Ricardo, is that even though it may not offer the highest rating points on tour, top names show up to this event year in and year out. I just couldn’t let this opportunity slip away, when it was presented to us we jumped on it.”

No Fear adds this event to its presenting sponsorship of the ASP/WQS 3 star XCEL Pro held at Sunset Beach on Oahu’s north shore, Oct 27 – Nov 10.

Associate Sponsors Body Glove, Budweiser, Sobe/No Fear energy drink, Rusty, El Patio Cafe, Sanos Steak House-Ensenada, Fuel TV and 91X radio.

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For event info contact: Ricardo Dominguez