The No Fear Punk Pro II In HB Dec 9-10

If you were at the inaugural No Fear Punk Pro-Am last June at D Street in Encinitas, California you no doubt heard the iconoclastic sounds of Iggy and the Stooges, the Ramones, the Sex Pistols, Black Flag and the Germs blaring out of the PA system. You likely also witnessed 100 teenaged surfers milling about in the sand waiting their turn to run, boards under arm, into the water. Then there were the wild-eyed representatives from No Fear throwing $100 bills around as if they were pulled from trees.

On December 9-10 the No Fear Punk Pro-Am will come to life once again, putting stakes in the sand and setting up it’s big top on the south side of Huntington Beach. Open to surfers aged 19 and under, the Punk Pro will be a two-day contest with 96 entries available.

“If you missed the first Punk Pro-Am, you don’t want to miss this one, says Britt Galland, No Fear Vice President of Marketing. “We’re gaining steam and taking our Punk Pro-Am circus act on the road for teenaged pros and amateurs looking for an alternative to the typical surf contest dribble.

And following the Huntington Beach contest, the Punk Pro will hit the road, traveling up and down the coast, dropping in at T Street in San Clemente (January 27-28); C Street in Ventura (February 17-18); and 40th Street in Newport Beach (April 21-22).

“We liked how it looked and how it felt, explains Galland of how the No Fear Punk Pro-Am evolved into a touring contest property. “It was the real thing. You don’t have to lean on what I’m saying, but after the contest we received an amazing amount of E-mail from kids telling us how much they liked the format and competition and that they wanted more of it. If you don’t believe me, ask Matt McCabe about the $2,000 check he cashed the day after the D Street Punk Pro.

Like the true punk rock that blasted out of the late 1970s and early 1980s (FYI… The seminal punk rock album, Never Mind the Bullocks, here’s the Sex Pistols, was released in 1977), the No Fear Punk Pro-Am’s format is a bit ramshackle and chaotic (but the kids get it). The Huntington Beach contest will begin with 24 pods of four surfers each (with 16 advancing). The contest will then boil down to four pods of 16 (eight advance), two pods of 16 (eight advance), and a 16-man final consisting of four, four-man heats. Then there’s the confusion of the actual purse amount itself…. “In typical, chaotic and disorderly punk fashion, the poster claims a $5,000 purse, but in reality there is actually $5,700 available in the finals, smirks Galland. “And with $100 available for each winner of each of the six pods, the purse is really closer to $7,000.

Now that’s false advertising that makes us all feel good.

To obtain more information and sign-up, get on over to the No Fear Punk Pro-Am website at

The No Fear Punk Pro-Am is proudly supported by: Future Fins, Ocean Minded, Spy Optics, Gravity Skateboards, Bubble Gum Surf Wax, Fortress watches and Destination.