The One And Only Carissa Moore

It’s common knowledge that Carissa Moore is an absolute pleasure to watch on a surfboard, which makes sense because she’s also just an absolute pleasure in general. In other words, the youngest person to win a World Title (she was just eighteen!) has quickly become our favorite surfer/person/friend. To get to know more about the girl who we refer to as “the Hawaiian Angel,” click “Full Story.” To check out Carissa’s favorite clothes, visit her store here.

When did you start surfing, what inspired you to start, where did it happen…? We want all the details!

I started surfing when I was about four or five years old. My dad was my inspiration. At first, surfing was a great way for us to spend time together. We surfed together everyday at Queens, Wakiki Beach when I was young. The best part is we still surf together every day :)

At what point did you realize that surfing was more than a hobby for you and something you wanted to pursue professionally?

I was about ten years old when I decided that I really enjoyed competitive surfing and I wanted to chase the dream of becoming a professional surfer. I remember telling my dad, “I really want to be one of the best. Can you help me do whatever it takes to get me there.” It’s been an amazing journey so far.

Did surfing come naturally to you, or did it take a lot of practice, instruction, etc. to get to competition level?

I think it was a little bit of both. I think every surfer has a natural way of riding a wave but needs practice and instruction to improve and get to a competitive level. My dad has definitely been there to push me and guide me to compete and perform better.

Are you pretty self-motivated or is there something or someone who inspires you and pushes you?

My love for surfing and riding a wave is my biggest motivation but my dad is definitely my biggest supporter and the one who pushes me the most. I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today without him. I am inspired everyday by my peers and what the guys are doing is insane. It’s really exciting to be surrounded by so many talented and all around hard working athletes.

You’re really easy going and friends with everyone, does that make it hard to turn on the competitive side once your in a jersey?

I think all of the girls do a really good job of balancing friendship and competition. When the horn blows whatever happens in the water stays in the water.

You won the World Title, which is most professional surfers’ ultimate goal. Did you get kind of a “what now?” feeling or is your next goal to keep winning titles?

I think I definitely felt a little of that after I won the world title. I worked most of my life for this one goal and never really thought past that. You can’t go into another season and just win another world title. You have to know what you want and really want it. You also have to work harder than you did for the first one. I was a little bit lost in transition and definitely took a year of punches to figure out what I want for this year. My main goal is to keep pushing myself to perform at my best in competition and to have fun with heat strategy. I am so excited to put a jersey back on, be back on the road and put my best effort forward.

You’re an inspiration for young women, female surfers and athletes in general. What is it like to be the torchbearer for women in professional sports? Does that put pressure on you or affect your day-to-day life?

I really don’t think about being an inspiration to other people but it really is an amazing position to be in. It is my main goal through surfing to be a positive role model and inspire others to chase their dreams. What I have come to realize is that you can’t make everyone happy. Some people are going to love you, others are going to hate you. Any pressure comes from myself. I just try to embrace it all, live my best life and hopefully I can encourage people to do the same.

What are some of your professional and personal goals for this year?

Professionally, I want to have a great season on tour. I want to compete well and work towards performing at my best in every heat. I want to make having fun a high priority. I want to really enjoy every moment and do my best to do some adventuring in every place I travel to. Personally, I want to work on being a better sister, daughter, friend, girlfriend and over all person and keep adding memories to the “memory jarrrrrrr!” Secretly I want to build up enough confidence to sing a few songs in front of a small audience :0

What has it been like adapting to a professional life at your age?

It hasn’t been very hard, I get to take a nap everyday! Haha nah, it was definitely a transition when I graduated high school and all my friends went away to college. I suddenly had all this time on my hands and none of my friends to spend it with. It was great to finally be able to dedicate all my time towards surfing. I love traveling to amazing places, surfing all day and meeting beautiful people. Adapting to professional life has been a dream come true.

How is training for the tour going? Do you have any tips for girls who are trying to prepare for surfing competitively or sports in general?

Training for the tour has been going great. I am so excited to put a jersey back on and get back in the groove of things. I’ve been surfing a lot, training and trying my best to eat right and be healthy. If I were to give any tip for girls trying to prepare for surfing competitively or sports in general it would be to stay positive. Sometimes things aren’t going to click or your coach might say something you don’t want to hear and you’re going to get really frustrated but just take a moment, breathe and find the positives. Pick yourself up and keep pushing forward because it’ll be worth it in the end.

Apart from surfing, how do you like to stay active?

Besides surfing, I love to run, hike, swim, wrestle my little sister… haha I train with my trainer about two times a week and we do all sorts of fun workouts involving the bosu, medicine ball, bands, the track and stairs. My favorite is when she busts out the boxing gloves. That is how I #stayactive!

Tell us something no one knows about you.

My calming remedy is scrapbooking. Yup… I just went there.

How many items have you crossed off your bucket list and what’s left?

I have only crossed out about fifteen items off my bucket list, I have about eighty five and there are more that I want to add. I really want to roller blade across the Great Wall of China, I want to ride an elephant, pick fresh strawberries, record a music video, get scuba certified, learn how to sail. Just to name a few :)

Outside of surfing, what brings you happiness?

Outside of surfing, being in the company of my friends and family and living simply is what makes me the happiest.