The One Who Looks Past The Now: The Nathan Fletcher Interview


I recently caught up with Nathan Fletcher at the VQS Championships in Newport Beach. He was up from Mexico, where he had been staying, and he was in town to compete in the Airshow, or as Volcom called it the Squat Thrusters division.

Nate’s a pretty classic guy, and is one of the most well-rounded surfers out there, from 2 feet to 20 feet he always pushing the limits. Come on what did you expect he’s Fletcher.

Well-rounded is an understatement with this guy. He surfs better than you, skates better than you and snowboards better than you, always a favorite in the crossover events. Nate doesn’t like to confine himself, always questioning the “norm,” fuck, this guy was riding quads when they were a joke. Now they’re the biggest fad since the round nose fish fad a few years back. Oh yeah, and he was part of starting that too.

I remember seeing him out at big Pipe a few years ago on a quad, people were laughing, until he starting getting some best waves of the season. I was living on North Shore at the time and I remember watching him put on show out there day after day, one of the best North Shore season performances I’ve seen. I think it 05’/06′.

That’s not to mention he’s one of the best and most progressive aerial surfers ever, and that’s why he was in Newport, where he crossed paths with …MORINformed. It was super windy, which my tape recorder wasn’t feeling, I would later find out. Here’s the interview, it’s what I could best pick out from all the static, Nate’s very soft spoken as well, which didn’t help the wind situation. Stay tuned for a sit down, inside, or windless sess. with Nate.

So what have you been up to?

Just surfing three times a day for the past two weeks down in Mexico. You know just living my life the way I want, not following society.

Where you off to next?

After this I’m going to go home for a little, but I left all my boards in Mexico, so I’ll probably go back down there. Then I got a boat trip in Indo with Kamalei in August, that’s the only thing I’ve heard.

How’s was your North Shore winter?

Pretty much after January 1 it was some of the best Pipe I’ve surfed. Just eight weeks straight of great waves. The North Shore’s just a place you have to put in your time. I know everyone got skunked around the time of Triple Crown, but sometimes you just have to wait.

Now, you were one the first guys to start giving quads a chance again. Fuck, you already had them dialed in small waves and were riding them at Pipe, before anyone even though of ordering one, now they’re everywhere.

Back when I laughing stock. Yeah, people would just look at me and laugh. Tom Carroll was the only guy who would here me out, and agreed that quads may change things. They just produce so much speed. I mean it’s not an end all result, but it just proves there’s more out there.

Where is your surfing headed?

Above the lip. Pretty much any kind of variation in the air. Oh! Paddle surfing bigger waves! Just fine tuning board design to allow for bigger turns and bigger barrels in bigger waves.

What’s up with your brother, I heard he’s down in Bali?

Yeah, that’s what I heard too. I don’t know, I haven’t talked to him, your guess is as good as mine. We’re all waiting for him to appear, so we can find out what he’s been up to.

Top three surfers of all time?

Jon Jon [Florence], The Irons [Bruce and Andy] and Dane Kealoha.

Top three Skaters of all time?

Christian Hasoi, Jason Jesse and Danny Way.

Alright man, good luck out there.

Thanks Tom see you later.