The O’Neill Hanalei Surf-Out

The O’Neill Hanalei Surf-Out

The Hanalei Surfout is a contest O’Neill put on to showcase Hawai’i’s top young talent. It started for me when Pete Johnson called to tell me that an elite group of groms and I were set to fly to Kaua’i for the 25, 26, and 27 of February. The kids involved were Kaiwi Berry, Matt Fragale, Reis Harney, Mikey Mitchell, Perry Turnbull, John-John Florence (my hero), Kamalani “The Bull” Ahui, Kevin Richards, Gustavo Granada, Anastasia Ashley, and me. There’s a weird excitement in traveling to new places¿even if it’s just a twenty-minute plane ride away. The island of Kaua’i is alive with lush, green plants everywhere.

Arriving at our rented house, we freaked because of the way Pinetrees was reeling. Standouts in this new environment were Mikey Mitchell and John-John. They immediately adapted and were killing it. Even though John-John is only seven, he was showing up almost everyone else out there.

The next day was contest day and people were saying it was the best Pinetrees they’d seen in years. Let me tell you, I’ve never seen so much T & A in my life. Throughout the day, kids were ripping. There were definitely stand-out performances by Roy Powers, Dustin Barca, Perry Turnbull, Mickey Mitchell, Ikaika Kam, and John-John “The Man-Child” Florence. Roy was on all day, but he had to be¿he owned Pinetrees with no comparisons during the contest.

Dustin Barca and Perry Turnbull went head-to-head in an all-out final. At first Perry had him, but Dustin edged through by two points, winning the juniors division. In the boys’ final, Mikey and Ikaika blew up. Between Mikey’s rail-to-rail backhand, and Ikaika’s speed and wave knowledge, we couldn’t tell who’d be the victor. The two fought gallantly, but out of the mist, Ikaika came out on top.¿Garrett Bonner

The following are the results:

1. Roy Powers
2. Titus Kanahe
3. Kala Alexander
4. Zach Abubo
5. Max Zietz
6. Obie Beaver

1. Dustin Barca
2. Perry Turnbull
3. Davey Taylor
4. Shane Stedman
5. Kevin Richards
6. Tyler Tzourras

1. Ikaika Kam
2. Mikey Mitchell
3. Shane Valiere
4. Evan Bonret
5. Drew Irons
6. Kana Kirkpatrick

1. Kyle Ramey
2. Cody Iddings
3. Chris Eniem
4. Casey Satterfield
5. Anastasia Ashley
6. J.D. White

1. Sena Seramur
2. Anastasia Ashley
3. Maikalani Mai Martinez
4. Rachel Greff
5. Angela Patch
6. Lauren Taylor