The Oz Files

You probably think you’ve seen a perfect wave. Maybe it was out in front of your house, or at your local break, or on that trip to Costa Rica with the parents and Aunt Jean, but until you’ve stood in awe of the Gold Coast’s aptly named “Superbank, you ain’t seen nothin’.


When everyone arrived at Coolangatta’s Snapper Rocks this morning for a press conference launching the 2004 Quiksilver Pro and the trials for said event, no one was ready for what awaited them. An undetected swell had snuck quietly past most surf forecasters, and smashed into the world-class right-hand point break with a vengeance. Perfect wave after perfect wave ran quickly down the bank, with hardly ten seconds between them. To see it caused even the most jaded Gold Coast local to pause momentarily and stare quietly at the beauty of a perfect 1.5-meter wave running for a half mile at such a steady tempo you’d think you were watching one of those domino displays they used to show every week on That’s Incredible!

So anyway, after the press conference, which included Dean Morrison saying he spent some time in Hawaii this off season drunk and the announcement that the singlets for the event would have microphones in them (to catch “ambient noise and hopefully the occasional reality-show-esque confrontation), twelve lucky bastards (namely the Quiksilver Pro trialists) got to surf snapper with only three other people out from 9:00 a.m. till 2:00 p.m.

The trialists included: Luke Stedman, Masatoshi Ohno, Damon Harvey, Dave Reardon-Smith, Mikey Picon, Ry Craike, Steven Walsh, Glen “Micro Hall, Maz Quinn, Daniel Ross, Clint Kimmins, and a South African who’s been living on the Goldy for a few years named Shaun Grossman, who won the trials. Shaun will join the Top 45 and wildcards Dane Reynolds and Luke Munro Tuesday morning when the competition officially begins.

Joel Patterson