The Penalty Whistle

The Penalty Whistle

Fear has a new sound.


The shrill scream of a P.E.-coach-style whistle rings out from the porch of the Volcom house across the beach at Pipeline. Chills run up the spine of anyone within earshot as they look toward the water to see which unlucky soul has just burned a member of the Pipeline Posse. Luckily, it was only a pair of well-tanned hotties strutting in front of the Volcom House–cracks will not be doled out on this blow of the now-infamous whistle.


One of the most feared features of the North Shore this year was the high-pitched, spine-chilling sound of the “Penalty Whistle” as it is called by Braden Dias. The whistle has many applications, ranging from pleasant to sinister, and can blow for many reasons, including a hot girl walking on the beach in front of the house or a good barrel at Pipe. These episodes are enjoyable and make the beach in front of the Volcom house just that much more fun and interesting. The other side of the Penalty Whistle is a part of the North Shore experience that no one wants to be on. As Braden puts it, “You get the whistle, you get put in the penalty box.”

Earlier in the week some guy made the unfortunate mistake of dropping in on a member of the Pipe Posse. The whistle was blown, and the guy who dropped in was quickly dealt several cracks to the head. A stern message was sent–don't drop in on the Pipeline Posse.–C.C.