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The Photographer Series: Seth Stafford

The Photographer Series is an in-depth look at our senior photographers here at TransWorld SURF. This month we feature our main man on the East Coast, Mr. Seth Stafford. One of the nicest, most humble people you could ever meet, surfers and editors alike love to travel and do trips with Seth. Unassuming and easygoing, Seth will come in from a session, and when asked how he did, he’ll say, “Maybe a few.” That “maybe a few” usually turns into spreads and covers for TransWorld SURF. When he’s not shooting photos, Seth can be found running his family business, Yum Yum’s Ice Cream Shop in Sea Isle City, New Jersey.

TransWorld SURF: Years shooting:

Seth Stafford: I got my first water housing in 1998, so 15 years.


Swainton, New Jersey

Favorite place to shoot photos:

Anywhere that tubes.

Favorite surfers to shoot with:

Sam Hammer, Mike Gleason, Peter Mendia

Seth Stafford

Such a handsome fellow, Seth Stafford.

Best trip:

Easter Island in 2004. Amazing scenery, great waves and great crew.

First photo you had published:

DSO sunglass ad of St Augustine, Florida shredder Jason Hadjis featured In ESM

What kind of fins do you use when swimming:

Hydro Tech fins are nice and wide for my Fred Flintstone feet.

Preferred camera:

Canon 7D for water shots, Canon Mark IV for land shots, Canon 5D for lifestyle shots.

Water housing of choice:

SPL have always kept my cameras dry.

Sketchiest experience while shooting:

Getting taken by the current down a long pointbreaks in Baja in dense fog and then having to swim a mile back out to our sea plane over some really deep water at sunset.

Best photography advice you ever got:

Keep swimming.

What photographers work do you admire:

Scott Aichner, Scott Soens, Oliver Barton, Jon Humphries.

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Sam Hammer

One of Seth’s favorite subjects, Sam Hammer. Photo: Stafford/SPL