The Porcella brothers may have the best surf sibling wipeout reel ever; video

Brothers Niccolo and Francisco Porcella have endured some of the most jaw-dropping big-wave wipeouts in the last few years. Niccolo’s Teahupoo Heaviest Wipeout Award winner comes to mind as one of the worst wipeouts ever caught on film.

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But there are a plethora of other falls that the sibling duo have each taken. And someone did us the kind service of putting them all together in one video.

The Porcella brothers originally hail from Sardinia, now calling Maui home. They are regularly found throughout the lineups of the biggest waves in the world, and certainly pay to play.

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Stacking these wipeout clips up against some other notable sibling duos in surfing (the Irons brothers and the Hobgoods both come to mind), we’d have to say that the Porcellas may have a few legs up on just about everybody else.

The brothers that surf together wipeout together. Photo: Vimeo