The Price Is Right At Rip Curl

After an extended assessment of the market and many hours working on his surfing, Mark Price isreturning to earth and rejoining the working week. Rip Curl USA is pleased to announce Mark Pricewill be joining the company as Marketing Director.

[IMAGE 1]When asked about his decision, Price felt that Rip Curl was perfectly positioned to play anincreasingly dominant role in the core store arena. “With specialty stores under increasing pressureto differentiate their floorspace from the broader market retailers, Rip Curl is uniquely positionedto bring a pure message, exclusive distribution and Brand power to the core stores, said Price. “Asan avid surfer and believer in our market place, that excites me on both a personal and professionallevel.

Asked about his reasons for taking some time before making a decision Price commented, “I’m not ahired gun, looking for the next short term high on my way up the ladder. My commitment has alwaysbeen to the core market. While my background is in the more creative areas of business, I’ve onlyworked for two companies in 20 years. Rip Curl’s belief in me was especially gratifying and togetherwith the compatibility of our market views, were key factors in my decision”.

Price will oversee the Brand positioning of Rip Curl in the US. “I think the challenge is not tochange any of the principles Rip Curl has been built on or currently stands for, but rather to bringthat same message to the market with additional firepower and creativity on all fronts”.

With regards to marketing in particular, Price felt that access to the global resources of Rip Curlwould be especially helpful. In particular, possibly the hottest crop of young talent to hit Prosurfing in years and two key WCT events at Bells and Sunset Beach. “The challenge is to take theproven principles of core sports marketing, add unique elements and execute them in a way thatdifferentiates Rip Curl from our competitors. However, in a way that is advantageous to the Brandbecause in marketing different is not always synonymous with good.”