The Quiksilver Crossing Arrives In The U.S. For The First Time

TheQuiksilver Crossing expedition makes its maiden voyage into U.S. waters. TheQuiksilver Crossing, a surf and survey exploration voyage, has been traveling for fiveyears throughout the world in an epic quest for the perfect wave. Since its launch inAustralia in 1999, The Quiksilver Crossing has traveled 76,312 nautical miles,discovered 98 waves, while documenting the health of hundreds of the world’s preciouscoral reefs. While in the United States The Quiksilver Crossing will visit many citiesalong the east coast and beyond, hosting events in Miami, New York City and Chicago;as well as surf camps, tours, and education related activities in several ports.Quiksilver’s top team riders will lend support to the tour, including Kelly Slater, DaneReynolds, Danny Fuller, Jon Rose, Peter Mel; and The Quiksilver Crossing officialSpokesperson Sarah Gerhardt, a PhD, college instructor and the only woman to eversurf Maverick’s. The Quiksilver Crossing schedule, ship log and archived data can beaccessed on the expedition’s official website (

The Quiksilver Crossing’s year-long North American tour will launch May 22 in Miami. Itwill continue on its journey up the Eastern Seaboard this summer, hitting dozens ofcoastal cities and towns including Cocoa Beach, FL, Virginia Beach, VA, Montauk, NY,Boston, MA, Toronto, ON and Chicago, IL. From Chicago, The Quiksilver Crossing willtravel through a set of smaller waterways, cruising down the Mississippi River and backto the open waters of the ocean. The Quiksilver Crossing will then begin its journey tothe west coast, traveling through the Panama Canal to San Diego, where it will travel upthe west coast, spring 2005. The Quiksilver Crossing works closely with MarineBiologists from Reef Check, the United Nations’ official community-based reefmonitoring program, to help study and preserve the world’s threatened coral reefs.

“The Quiksilver Crossing is about exploration and adventure; it’s about cruising throughexotic locales, seeking out the perfect wave said Bob McKnight, CEO, Quiksilver. “But,waves do not exist without healthy reefs. Helping the United Nations’ Reef Checkprogram sample coral reefs around the world, ensuring the health of the reef’s, ensuresthat the mission of The Quiksilver Crossing can last indefinitely.

The Quiksilver Crossing’s U.S. launch kicks off with a week-long of events in Miami,beginning with a weekend of Surf Camps taught by Quiksilver Pro-Surfers. The weekcontinues with an “Education Day where the mayor of Miami will officially welcome TheQuiksilver Crossing and present it with a Proclamation. The Quiksilver Crossing willthen cruise from Miami Marina to South Beach where it will anchor itself in front of theArt Deco classic, Sagamore Hotel. Hundreds of invited guests will gather at theSagamore’s pool and penthouse for an exclusive bash with musical performances fromsome of today’s best bands and DJ’s including Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland of theCrystal Method. The exclusive guest list will include top surf pros, celebs and VIPs.The Quiksilver Crossing is, simply put, the greatest surfing journey ever. Seeking outundiscovered surf breaks and locales in an endless quest for the perfect wave, theCrossing is a seven-year adventure, exploration and scientific mission, traversing theworld’s oceans and waterways. The Quiksilver Crossing is also devoted to positivecultural exchange, and one of its main tenets is interaction with, and the development ofempathy for indigenous peoples encountered around the globe.

The United Nations Reef Check program is perhaps the most ambitious ecologicalsurvey ever undertaken by man and utilizes thousands of volunteer scuba divers, led bymarine biologists, to determine the global health of coral reefs. The importance of coralreefs cannot be overstated: they are the breadbaskets of the sea — a vital link in the foodchain for numerous marine species.