The Rob Machado Bro Deal


Carlsbad, CA — Bubble Gum Surf Wax announced today that it has teamed up with Sambazon to offer a bro deal to those who purchase Bubble Gum's Rob Machado inspired surf wax, ROB (Rob's Organik Blend).

The earth-friendly promotion places a Sambazon coupon on the back of Bubble Gum's ROB Wax wrapper, which by the way is printed with soy-based ink on recycled brown paper. The coupon has a personalized message from SIMA's 2009 Waterman of the Year. It says:  "OK, here's my deal – get $1 off any two Sambazon Acai juices orenergy drinks. That should work."

According to Bubble Gum co-founder, Britt Galland, "it's a sweet deal, because if you spend a buck on a bar of ROB wax, you get that buck back when you buy Sambazon products.  Sambazon's Jeremy Black likes the promotion because creates another use for the recycled label and "it enables Rob to share some of his favorite products with his fans and friends."

Rob Machado is the common denominator for the Bubble Gum and Sambazon brands. He's been the most visible and respected supporter for Bubble Gum Surf Wax. Rob has also been a Sambazon advocate since the brand's inception.

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