The RRR Project Art Exhibit Hits The Surf Gallery March 13


A collaborative show between some of the artists from the RRR project, Surfrider Foundation, and the Surf Gallery. We invite you to drop off your trash*, pitch in and enjoy the show. Meet the artists & friends from RRR.001. See some of the original artwork & pick up a signed copy of the first book for a discounted rate (comes with a one year membership to the Surfider Foundation). We'll also have hand–pulled silk screen event posters for sale, and an opportunity for our guests to be a part of the next book, RRR.002.

Alex Krastev, Alex Weinstein, Andrew Holder, Art Brewer, Brian Foster, Brookes Reeder, Charles Adler, Chris Partelow, Chris Pfeil, Corey Brindley, Greg Comollo, Greg Lamarche, John Esguerra, Jonathan Sandridge, Julie Goldstein, Justin Krietemeyer, Kassia Meador, Kelly Jones, Keith Scharwath, Lynn Milosz, Mark Tesi, Matt Lindauer, Matt Rubin, Matt Schwartz, Mike Afsa, Mike Perry, Michael Coleman, Paul D'Elia, Robin Cameron, Ryan Tatar, Scott Richards, Scott Massey, Steven Harrington, Stephanie Hosmer, Steph Walker, Urchin, Zach Gibson & You.

With support from Rent Control, inc.

*Not banana peels, old shoes or milk containers but scraps from your old art projects. Hand us your art in a manilla envelop with your contact info and we'll do our best to fit them in RRR.002 (due to come out in June 2010). Thanks.

More info about the project at, send questions to: