The Experience

Originally, we contacted the guys at because they’d gone on a trip to Indonesia with TransWorld SURFSenior Photographer Thomas Carey and came back with some cool video and photos we wanted to link our site too.’s been around a long time now and is an incredible place to see funny-ass photos of debauchery, girls, and more debauchery all submitted by the crew in Newport Beach, California. The regular contributors-Lugo, The Captain, Hod, Dr. Gold, Sticky, Tom Carey, God, and many other special guests-have provided an insiders view of the Newport scene for everyone’s enjoyment. We interviewed Lugo to see what exactly’s going on. Check the interview and check for all the Indo goods seen in the latest issue of TransWorld SURF.


1. How did the whole idea for begin?
The whole ShoresCrew thing came about cause my friends and I all grew up in Newport Shores. We all surfed 61 street everyday and did random-ass shit in the neighborhood. That place was great, everyone there went to work and we owned that place all day. After a while no one would question what we did, lighting stuff on fire and smashing it with axes and rocks in the middle of the street. Pool parties late night style, pretty much anything went, we were little hooligans. I lived right across the street from the pool and the only person who ever tried to stop us from doing stuff was my neighbor, a full on Ned Flanders that lifted weights. He was a nightmare, but when he moved out we threw a huge party in his empty house. The police helicopter came and everything, I just hopped the wall and jumped into bed. My parents had a video camera they never used so we began to videotape our antics. We made stills from the video and had nothing to do with them, so we thought we could make a website. We needed a name, and being little kids and living in the shores it just kind of happened that it was ShoresCrew, plus the short version (s.crew) prolly made us giggle.

2. Of the crew, who does the stupidest shit?
Pretty much everyone brings some sort of stupid action to our lil’ crew. Our old friend Brumbly was the most insane driver you’ve ever met, but somehow he was really good at it. We shoulda’ died a dozen times. Everyone knows Hod cause he gets wasted and breaks bottles on his head. Gold gets extremely loud, Sticky thinks he’s British, Captain can rope in the chicks, and my involvement might just be on the more sinister side. Most the others bring some sort of drunken comedy our way too. Basically we’re really good at getting away with bad things. A lot of our friends are getting really involved in art and music, so that’s going to help out in a big way soon too.

3. Do you ever get in trouble for some of things you guys post?
Do we ever get in trouble for the things we post? Holy shit, why are people such babies. People will be like, “Don’t post that picture of me puking in the middle of the party. It’s like, “Hey, you shouldn’t have been puking in the middle of the party, sissy. We’re banned from the entire Unified-Mesa School District internet connection. The Guestbook is monitored by the ******* Police Department. People have tried to sue us multiple times. They were printing out the Guestbook everyday at schools last year and calling people into the office that had written on it or were on the site. Calling their parents in, saying did you know your daughter is on this lesbian porn site? Talk about ridiculous. The schools should have never gotten involved—especially since we don’t even go there. Ahhh, but there’s still one person who hasn’t gotten his and I’m not going to forget. But all this for a little surf website, come on. Get a life.


4. Why don’t you make more fun of Geoff Moysa?
We don’t make fun of Geoff Moysa? Look at the front of our siite. Besides Hoyer is so much easier to make fun.

5. What’s in the works for
I just got back from Indonesia and then went to Mazatlan where I got some good animal footage. We played God and created our own half Cicada-Frog. All you need is your own handle of rum, duct tape and fireworks. Oh, and a change of pants, you’ll know when it happens. I plan on making one more movie for sure. It’s going to be more art related. I really want to take advantage of the DVD format and have galleries of all my friends’ art on it. Just make it full of bonus stuff, like funny photos from the site, interviews, and more of my small lil’ movies I make on the side—the weird ones. The next movie will be kick-ass though, I have so much good and funny stuff. Definitely more random animals like the pig chasing and goat action from the last movie, The Day Newport Died. I’m stoked that movie’s been selling really well. Just word of mouth I guess. The website will keep on keeping on too. You’ll probably see footage from my Indo trip in the next 411 VM. Plus I’ve been keeping busy doing work for Quiksilver and going to school.

6. Will Newport ever be freed?
I believe Newport is going to get much worse before it gets better. Part of me wants to move away forever and then summer comes and with the weeklies, we just can’t help ourselves. It’s not free though, everyone knows at night it’s like battling a fascist regime of assholes. You’ve got to run from shadow to shadow just to make it where you’re going.

7. How long will God keep responding to questions on your site?
I think God’s is growing weary of answering such trivial questions that the youth of Orange County have been coming up with. I’m thinking of replacing him with Bigfoot. Yeah Bigfoot, rarr!