The Somewhere Anywhere Everywhere World Premiere

Thursday night, Globe Shoes took over the Twin Towns Services Center for the world premiere of their new film “Somewhere Anywhere Everywhere , starring C.J. and Damien Hobgood, Occy, Luke Hitchings, Nathan Webster, and Pancho Sullivan. The crowd in front of the convention center swelled to the point that it began to spill into the street as the team arrived in limousines and walked the red carpet, signing autographs and stopping for photo ops on their way in. As spotlights illuminated the low clouds passing swiftly over the Gold Coast, the scene out in front was reminiscent of the Academy Awards.


Inside it was somehow even more packed, as thousands of attendees made their way through the twisting hallways and staircases toward the open bars and air-conditioning of the reception area. The entire Australian surf industry was in attendance. From pros to company owners to magazine editors to hot girls with minimal clothing, it was a who’s who of the Aussie surf culture.

Co-producer Brian “Ruby Robbins was wearing a black Globe T-shirt and bouncing between TV interviews and making sure certain people made it into the theater. “This is crazy, he said as he negotiated with security to get a couple more people past a certain checkpoint in the lobby, “the theater seats 1,000, and there’s still a ton of people waiting in the street.


Ruby and the Globe team have spent the past fifteen months making “Somewhere Anywhere Everywhere, and he laughs when he mentions the simple task of trying to work with the schedules of six WCT competitors. “Logistics was the heaviest thing. These guys travel nine months of the year, so we had to work within everyone’s schedules, but it somehow worked out. The team was super into it, and it ended up being an amazing experience, says Robbins proudly. “It wasn’t about making them do something for us, it was about letting them do something different.

The video is good. It’s a no-nonsense surf movie, complete with an all-star cast and shot on location in places most of us only dream of going. The Hobgoods have some incredible stuff, as does Pancho Sullivan and Taj. The crowd screamed and hooted whenever someone was spat out of a barrel, or anytime Taj or Hitcho’s face appeared on the screen. It was a good time, and as everyone disappeared into the windy night you could hear them recounting their favorite scenes.


“Somewhere Anywhere Everywhere will tour the Australia for the next few weeks, with premiers in Sydney, Newcastle, West Australia, and finally Melbourne before heading to the States for an April 21st premiere in Los Angeles. The video goes on sale Monday, May 3, so you can have your own premiere this spring.

Joel Patterson