The Squid

Xanadu’s new fish hybrid combines the speed of the fish and the turnability of a shortboard.

Shaper: Xanadu

Model: Squid

Size: 5’6″

Width: 21 1/4″

Thickness: 2 1/8″

Wide nose makes for easier entry into waves and allows its rider to hold their lines through turns.

Wing (or “Stinger”) breaks the line of the rail to allow for better release when turning. The narrower tail section will pivot freely under the rider’s back foot. These features make the Squid far more suited to turning tightly in the pocket than the slightly less-agile old-school fish design.

The bottom features a pronounced single-to-double concave (fish typically either have flat or vee bottoms) with light vee off the tips of the swallow tail.

Rocker … sorry, Xanadu’s keeping it secret.

Standard fish fins but with a touch more rake to compliment the swallow tail and the Stinger. Glass-ons, Lockbox, or FCS available.

“Full rails, but not boxy,” says Xanadu. Rails have enough volume and buoyancy to allow for a semi-flat deck, but they aren’t so full you can’t put them in the water on a turn. The rails are foiled evenly to prevent board flex.

Glassing: six-ounce bottom, six-four deck, gloss coat.

The six-inch-deep, ten-inch-wide swallow tail is substantially narrower than the standard fish (which can be as wide as sixteen inches or bigger), allowing for better, tighter turning.

A hard edge starts on the Stinger and runs through the tail to help keep the board driving through turns.

Special boards demand special finishing touches. Get a crazy resin tint, or have your artistic stoner friend paint a giant likeness of Peter Tosh on the bottom. Have some fun.

Shaper Notes:

The optimal surf for The Squid is ankle to chest high, but Xanadu’s assures us it’ll go way bigger.

He suggests you order your Squid eight inches shorter than your standard shortboard.

Xanadu was inspired to create The Squid one night while watching a DVD of great surfers catching their rails over and over again while trying to ride their fish tight in the pocket.