The Trans-Am Interview

A few years ago, Aaron Schmidt and I interviewed Trans Am and asked them if they would like to be the official band of TransWorld SURF. They were elated and as the official band of TWSURF and have been rocking and rolling for the good of the magazine. This band is from Washington D.C. and they’re as original as they are radical. After a half dozen albums they just keep getting better. Their newest album titled Liberation is set to be released February 17, 2004. You fuckers better go buy it, your life will suck if you don’t. The following is an interview with one of the greatest drummers in the world, Sebastian Thompson.—Chris Cote


What are your duties as official band for TransWorld SURF?

Our duty is to be played constantly at the TransWorld office, meetings, and parties. No other bands can be played.

As official band for TransWorld SURF, do you feel like people think of you differently?

Well… yes.

Has your attitude changed since becoming the official band of TransWorld SURF?

No, it feels very comfortable.

Explain your drumset. It looks awesome and sounds fully awesome.Why?

Thank you. The sound of the SS Thomson has been carefully crafted over many years. First you start with the necessary foundation- a 70s 22″ Ludwig kick drum and a 70s 9″ deep Ludwig snare. Then you add four roto toms, 8″, 10″, 12″, and 14″. For cymbals you have a 16″crash stacked on top of a 16″ china and a 14″ hi hat stacked on top of a 14″ china. Then you have to know how to tune it, hit it, and record it.

Do you like songs with singing or instrumental? You seem to excel very well at both.

We like both.


Whats your favorite Trans Am album/song?

My favorite album is always the one we just finished.

If you could tour with any band live or dead who would it be and why?

AC/DC with Bon Scott. Or Kraftwerk.

Do you guys party when you’re on the road? Like, do you get wasted after shows and break shit?

Yes, we party, but we get wasted and make shit.

Have you been recording bands lately in your studio? Who?

Lately its been such bands as The Apes and Measles Mumps Rubella, both from DC.

Is DC the murder capitol of the USA or is that Baltimore?

I think we take turns.

Do you guys hang with famous people? Who?

Yeah, I know Weird War.

Will you play in my backyard if I pay you enough? How much?

You’ll have to get in touch with our booking agent.