The Triple Crown With Presso

Day 1: Well after a couple of days break, Sunset kicked off with a bang-a perfect eight- to ten-foot and rising swell greeted us for day 1 ofthe contest. The direction was from the West and it was supposed to increase up to fifteen feet by the arvo. Some of the stand-out performersof the day were Lee Winkler and Andy King from Australia, but not to be out done were local boyz Kaipo Jaquias and Love Hodel showing theirknowledge of Sunset was a big advantage in today’s waves.

[IMAGE 1]Day 2: The swell dropped off a little over night, but still holding strong at a clean ten- to twelve- foot from out of the west. Once againthere was some unbelievable waves ridden with Joel Parkinson coming up with some of the highest scores of the day. With the waves being asbig as they were, there was quite a few board casualties. I think roughly ten or twelve boards were broken on the day- you must have a caddieat Sunset.

Day 3,4,5,6 & 7 All lay days after having non-stop swell for three weeks. Hughey finally turned the tap off giving the boyz time to catch upon football, drinkin, and movies.

Day 8: Finally Hughey woke up and put on a clean four- to six-foot swell, contest organizer’s decided to run the rest of the round of men (6heats ) then finish off the women’s Roxy pro. With the world title already decided it was time to relax for the girls and show everybody thatthey can surf Sunset. Once again it was Miss Sunset Layne Beachley who took out all contenders and cemented herself as the best women’ssurfer of 2000 not just at Sunset, but everywhere.

Day 9 & 10, Also lay days with the swell expected to pick up tomorrow, Organizers are expecting six- to eight-foot for the two days to finishout the Rip Curl Pro.