The Triple Crown With Presso

[IMAGE 1]Day 1: Well here we are again back on the North Shore of Hawaii and it’s day one of the Haleiwa Pro. After the opening ceremony and blessing, contest organizers Randy Rarick and Bernie Baker have decided to put the contest on hold due to small waves but are expecting to get under way tomorra.

Day 2: The contest got under way today with a six-foot Northwest swell. They kicked off with the trials which are always hotly contested. They finished a round, went into the long board, and finished off the day with women’s.

Day 3: Another lay day which is why Hawaii has such long waiting periods. The surf can jump and drop within two hours and it makes it hard to run events.

[IMAGE 2]Day 4: Solid six to eight foot swell greeted everyone this morning and they kicked off straight into mens round two. Some really hot surfing today. One of the standouts of the day was Brian Pacheco who grew up bashing the sh!# out of Haleiwa lips.

Day 4: Yet another lay-day which reconfirm’s why you need to have a waiting period in Hawaii. I spoke with Randy and he said they’re predicting a rising swell for Sunday – Monday.

Day 5: As predicted, we have flat conditions for today and it’s also expected for tomorra. Well now what? Every year you come to Hawaii and try to delay a town trip into Pearl Ridge shopping mall as long as possible. You’re here for six weeks and you don’t want to do everything in the first week as it will be the longest six weeks of your life, but there is no getting around it-it’s off to the movies.

Day 6: Flat again, Well it’s off to play a bit of good old rugby league football. All the Aussie’s rallied up in honor of the World Cup that is currently going on in England. Nothing like a bit of footy and rain.

Day 7: The waves have come up a bit-enough to run the long boards and womens, but not enogh for the Men’s. Hopefully tomorra.

Day 8: As expected a good six to eight foot swell to finish the contest today with fifteen heats, good waves, and offshore winds-perfect conditions. We started with the round before the quarters. Some really good heats the surfing was heating up. I had heat eight with Taylor Knox, Kaipo Jaquias, and Mike Lowe. My work was cut out for me because I didn’t get off to the ideal start-me and Lowey getting cleaned up by a good ten-foot set. After getting over that, I started to stage some what of a come back how ever fell a wave short and Kaipo and Taylor went on through to the quarters with Taylor looking like the man to beat. Newly crowned World Champ Sunny Garcia had other ideas and went on to win the event. It definitely is Sunny’s year-he blew every one away.

Next stop Sunset.