The Volcom Greatwhite Series Attacks Steamer Lane

Volcom Stone’s Great White Series was originally meant to be held on Saturday the 9th, 2002, but the swell was monstrous. The comp was postponed to Sunday the 10th. The surf on Sunday was still 8 to 10 feet and gnarly, but the show must go on. The weather was off and on rainy, windy and partly sunny. We had plenty of contestants but not as many as we usually have. There were lots of spectators as usual and many people were surprised that the groms were bold enough to fear the heavy surf.

The grom division was definitely dominated by Nick Lamb. Nick managed to drop in on the biggest waves fearlessly. He also managed to compete in the junior division, ranking 4th among his older competitors and surfing back to back finals.

The junior division was swept by Jimmy Herrick, who as of now, has won twice in a row, owning two fine Ride snowboards and hoards of Volcom paraphernalia.

The Pro Am division was, as usual, a battle until the end with the reward of $400 up for grabs. The final was filled with the usual suspects. Vince “the King Collier even put on a stone jersey for a shot at the dough. In the end it was Tyler Smith, the Great White reigning champion, who walked away with the wad. Joey Hutson barely fell prey to Tyler’s backhand attack, and ended in second place.

The next in the Great White series will be held at Pleasure Point on December 14th. Remember, all comps are point rated and could qualify you for the VQS comp in May.

Special thanks to Body Glove, DVS, Santa Cruz Surfboards, Spy, Consolidated, Ride Snowboards, Red Bull, Surfer Mag, Surfing Mag, Transworld, and all who helped us with the event.

1 Nick Lamb
2 Nick Erickson
3 Dylan McCarthy
4 Carl Reimer

1 Jimmy Herrick
2 Max Schultz
3 Donald Salter
4 Nick Lamb

1 Tyler Smith $400
2 Joey Hutson
3 Marco Foreman
4 Russell Smith