The Week In Surf Headlines (October 13)

Here’s a selection of surf-related “news” from mainstream newspapersthroughout the world. Yep, there’s even more news on sharks.

Ocean City Maryland: Surf Teams Gain New Respect
The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that high school surf teams are ridinga wave of popularity and gaining new respect as “real” sports. But don’tthink that the surfers and jocks are now one big happy family: “Footballis for meatheads,” said Stewart Vaughan, an Ocean City junior.

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida: Clueless Teen Doesn’t Realize He’d Been BittenBy Shark.
Just a flesh wound! The Miami Herald reports that while at Worth Inletin West Palm Beach, a surfer was attacked by an eight-foot shark¿butdidn’t realize he’d been bitten until returning to shore. Sheesh, surfmusta been good.

New Smyrna Beach, Florida: A Toothy Twofer
Two shark attack on the same day, and just a mile apart from each other?Who says Florida surf lacks teeth? WESH explains.

Melbourne Beach, Florida: Recovered Body Could Be Missing Surfer
Chris Gooch, 14, disappeared in heavy surf on the afternoon of October 2while surfing with friends. Now Brevard County sheriff’s deputies put anend to this sad story.

Trestles, California: Rabbit Says Surfing Has “Bounce”
The Orange County Register interviews Director of ASP InternationalWayne “Rabbit” Bartholomew, who says: “We The ASP don’t have a globalsponsor. We’re running on a shoestring. We’re poor, but we’re happy.”

Cape Hatteras, North Carolina: Why The Outer Banks Sucks
The Washington Post explains why the surf has been so bad this yearalong the outer banks. But fair warning: the story contains sentencessuch as: “They zip up their neoprene wet suits sic and high-step intothe surf to stake out that reliable Outer Banks swell, rollers that willshoulder them with muscular grace on long rides to shore.” Ah, poetry!

Jacksonville, Florida: “Joyfully Laugh” (Ha, Ha, Ha) At Cold Water
The Florida-Times Union reports on the huge advancements in wetsuitdesign over the past few years, and does a decent job explaining thevarious “neoprene womb” seam technologies.

Huntington Beach, California: Surf City Says Runoff Stinks

The Los Angeles Times Reports that Huntington Beach city officials areplanning City officials are planning a of Orange County cities in thehopes of increasing awareness about urban runoff and finding cooperativefunding for cleanup efforts. A good initiative that deserve the surfindustry’s attention

Huntington Beach, California: Last HB Pro/Am Surf Series Event Tomorrow

Current Pro/Am points leaders Jeff Deffenbaugh and Richie Collins(remember him?) are two front-runners battling it out for the firstplace title.

Solana Beach, California: Austin Ware Says Some Surfers Like The PotheadSurfer Stereotype

The San Diego Union profiles ripper Austin Ware, and explains his plansfor surfing success: “It’s a quiet confidence melded with a work eethic.”