The Week In Surf…Surfing headlines from around the world.

After weeding out all the crappy stories about riding the dotcom waves, as well as finding out that G Dubya got a DUI like before I was born — somehow it’s relevant to the elections — we’ve compiled the following stories, complete with links, so you can waste your time online instead of in the water. Enjoy.

Don’t Make Waves At The Beach
Nat Young got his ass kicked in March. To avoid future beatdowns, a Wollongong University law student is devoting his thesis to the unwritten laws of surfing.

Surfers Will Chase Big Waves, Big Bucks
In case you haven’t heard, Swell (notice how the site’s lost the “dotcom” thingy?) has announced an updated version of the 1998 K2 Big Wave Challenge — except this time the ante’s been raised ten large to 60K for the grand prize, and Ken Bradshaw should be happy (?) to know that tow-ins count, too.History tends to repeat itself, which should make for a good contest, but…whatever happened to K2 in the surf industry?

On The Bubble
Pat O’Connell is on the WCT bubble, but a knee injury could earn him an “injury wild card exemption” spot on the tour–that is, if the other guys want him on board. Then again, he says he likes dryland activities like writing about surfing, doing business, and hacking around the golf course. So what’s he going to do?

Kiteboarding flying high as new extreme sport
‘nough said.

Future Surfing Boon?
Pack your bags. “The perfect surfing wave could be coming to the Jacksonville Florida area.” Our friends, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, are planning to do computer modeling to find alternative beach renourishment methods for Duval and Nassau counties and alternative ways to dredge the St. Johns and St. Mary’s rivers to save time and money. “The surfing community is just ecstatic.”

A Sunny, Surly Surf Champ
Hey Sunny, you just won the world title. What are you going to do next? The San Diego U-T’s Terry Jones explores.

In Memory Of …
“Dana Ambrose’s love of the ocean and flair for life are captured in a logo for the upcoming women’s 2000 Vans Triple Crown of Surfing. The design, drawn by Ambrose, features a smiling, blond, free-spirited girl holding a surfboard and waving a shaka sign. But the 19-year-old Ambrose, of Haleiwa, never got to see the completed, colored image because of a two-car crash on the Pali Highway on Oct. 7, just a couple of days after making the drawing.”