The World Title Psyche-Out Factor Quiz

It wasn’t all surfing in the race for the world title.Beneath a veil of friendly rivalry raged apsychological war between the defending World Champand the greatest of all-time. So how do you think itwent down? And who was most affected? Why not try tofigure it out through these alleged incidents and askhow you would stomach the pressure…

Answers at the bottom of the page.


1. When Kelly Slater lost his heat in the Rip Curl Pro atSunset Beach, what did Andy Irons (who was in the verynext heat) say as they passed in the channel?

a) “Bad luck buddy, I was rooting for you in thatone.

b) “Oh dude, you just left the door so open!

c) “Hey if I lose too do you want to go to the Sunsetdiner and share a mahi plate with something to drink?

2. In a sly attempt to rattle Andy pre Pipe Masters didKelly…

a) Start wearing a Roxy bikini top during freesurfs.

b) Send him a polaroid of his six world titletrophies.

c) Drop into the Red Bull house where Andy was stayingjust to hang out.

3.What did Andy say to Kelly in the line-up at Pipeafter Kelly had scored his sixth crazy pit of the day?

a) “Settle down brah it ain’t Cocoa Beach out here.

b) “Hey, you’re on a killer roll, you want the nextone? It’s yours.

c) “Dude, my little bro could get better barrels withhis hands behind his back.


4. When Andy came in after blitzing his first round heatin the Pipe Masters did Kelly (who was in the verynext heat)…

a) Grin and nod at A.I. as they passed in the shoreybefore going out and getting the highest wave score ofthe event.

b) High five Andy and scream out “Eeeew, you da man!

c) Moonwalk back up the beach and do a helicopter intoa backspin in the carpark.

5. When Andy Irons was declared World Champion on thePipe Master victory Dais, did Kelly…

a) Snatch the title trophy and disappear into thehills screaming “My precious, MY PRECIOUS!

b) Pull off a rubber mask to reveal he is actuallyLayne Beachley.

c) Hug the Hawaiian, give an emotional speechcongratulating the back-to-back World Champ andpresent him with the title trophy.

1. b
2. c
3. a
4. a
5. c