The World’s First Spray-On Wetsuit

The idea of a spray-on wetsuit was preposterous in the eyes of many a surfer until last week when Charles O. Kentwood Jr. of C.O.K. Industries held a press conference in Orange County, California. During this intimate press junket (TransWorld SURF was the only surf magazine invited), Kentwood announced his amazing new invention that looks like a simple aerosol can of spray paint or hair spray. The reality of the product wasn’t apparent until a fully nude model (which happened to be one of the editors forSurfing magazine) walked in front of a small crowd of unimpressed men and women and stood by as Charles coated his small body with a black, rubbery wetsuit-like material.As the spray-on suit dried and conformed to the model’s less-than-stellar body, the crowd was shocked to see the world’s first fully functioning spray-on wetsuit! Amazing and cost effective, the spray-on suit costs about ten bucks for twenty sessions’ worth of surfing. You can customize the warmth by spraying on more or less rubber. Look for the spray-on suit in totally awesome surf shops this winter.¿C.C.

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